Cat&cook Crystal Calacatta Silva

Renovation motivation: Live like an influencer

Do you like to browse the internet and see how celebrities live? Do you get inspiration and DIY tips for interiors on Pinterest? Do you flip through magazines and check out hot interior design trends?

 I do, it always makes me want to at least pick up a dish towel and give my home a good shine so it’s just like the magazine too. But it’s still missing something…

Maybe the main ’’stumbling stone’’ is the lack of a stone. Just a lovely piece of nature that will elevate your home to the heights of heaven. All you have to do is choose the right shade, find the right place for it, and you’ll have the perfect home makeover, just like something out of a home improvement show.

A breath of fresh air

Replace the whole kitchen? You must be crazy!” Your partner would probably say in response to your grand remodeling plans. Tearing out the entire kitchen is a somewhat scary thought, but nothing to worry about. Go ahead. Give it a new twist. A TechniStone® stone worktop will help brighten up your kitchen and give it a touch of refinement and originality. You can have a new kitchen with minimum effort and maximum impact in less than a month.

Ivana Jindřichová, the well-known chef and food blogger of Cat&Cook, knows how to quickly and easily achieve a dream kitchen.

A living room where the TV comes second

Look around you or, better still, in front of you. What do you see? Just beyond that black, angular thing trying to catch your attention is another less conspicuous world that has the potential to become the star of your living room. Line your wall with engineered stone.  Its understated look will please any aesthetically minded eye. There’s something soothing and appealing about it…

Polish megastar Rafal Maslak has used Crystal Calacatta Silva to line both the back wall of his living room and the staircase. He used the same decor on the worktop in the kitchen to achieve a perfect design unification of the interior.

Czech blogger and writer Tereza Salte enjoys a well-deserved rest on the double-sided sofa. Watching a fairy tale with the children and watching the fire blaze in the newly tiled fireplace from the other side is a real balm for the soul.

Who would be afraid of a stone?

Why go for stone tiling? Applying stone is quick and you don’t have to worry about ruining your family budget either. The price depends on the decor and the choice of its treatment. It is always a good idea to get multiple quotes from professional stone companies. You don’t just have to renovate your kitchen or living room. The chest of drawers in the hallway, the worn-out bedside tables in the bedroom or the cracked tiles in the hallway, where the presence of engineered stone will help to achieve the desired changes, will also be grateful for a new stone coat.

Even small areas covered with engineered stone will come to life and bring a dose of timelessness and luxury to the interior.