Residential Design: Follow the path of interior design trends 2022

The year full of twos brings new trends in colors and patterns that reflect the current demands of architects and designers and, last but not least, the wishes of customers. Let’s take a look together at the new TechniStone® colors, whose shades have been developed in response to current customer demand.  

Minimalism plays a major role!  

Harmony, peace, conformity, a sense of security… These are our unwritten requirements for the environment in which we live. Where else should we feel more comfortable? The minimalist style of Scandinavian Living, combining simplicity, clean lines and airiness, helps us to tune in to a calm flow of energy. The new Noble Quartzite Décor is perfect for this king of light shades. A pure white base with gentle veining is just the right messenger of peace and tranquility for your home. It is very malleable, and can be combined with almost any color and style. It will open up any space and brighten it up. It blends beautifully with wooden elements.

Dark and earthy colors as an interplay of emotions 

Yin and yang, day and night, light and dark left and right… Just as the world is made up of opposites working together to create a perfect unity, an interior based on opposing colors and elements looks very novel and interesting.  Lighter tones bring tenderness, romance and sensuality to interiors, while darker shades bring elegance and mystery. The black and gray variation of the Metropole Nero shades creates a unique space and adds character to any room. The intensity and type of light will always achieve the individual image that Metropole Nero offers. “Even artificial light changes the intensity of the individual color tones of this decor “, says designer Rob Lessmann. Metropole Nero blends beautifully with brown, copper and green.

Symbiosis with nature

The combination of wood and stone is a timeless classic. These popular natural materials function in interiors for both practicality and aesthetics. Hungarian designer András Biro always uses four materials in his projects. Wood, for its wide variability of use and its connection with nature, stone for its durability, leather, which matures and develops its own character with the years, and textiles, for the wide range of colors. Bamboo lighting, wooden furniture and parquet, kitchen worktops and tiles in engineered stone. Achieving the perfect home depends on the right choice of materials. 

Emphasis on the true form of the material

In a world where perfection and above all reliability are required, quality materials must not be lacking. Crystal Steel, the latest addition to the TechniStone® family, stands out for its visible grain structure and contributes to a balanced visual style in the interior. The steel look of the decor will set the character of the space and become a solid foundation for purposeful living based on quality materials and easy accessory variation. As much as the gray color may tempt a feeling of drabness and lack of imagination, the reality is the opposite.