Show me your kitchen and I’ll tell you who you are!

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where we come together, where we work and relax, where we can realize ourselves and fulfil our culinary dreams.  There are countless shapes, sizes and combinations of fitted kitchen available. The scope of interior design in this area is developing dynamically and gives a huge space to its own creativity. That is why we spend a lot of time on furnishing our kitchens and invest large sums in equipping them. What does its final appearance tell you? Which of the following seven versions of the kitchen ’’looks’’ like you the most? Be inspired by designers’ tips to changes according to your true values ​​and principles.

If you have a white on white kitchen:

You are an absolute master in keeping your home clean and tidy. You never go to bed without putting everything in place. Your motto is: “In simplicity is beauty”. You live without unnecessary pomp and you don’t spend money on frivolities. Clean, airy and sunlit rooms fill you with peace and quiet. Your aesthetic feeling requires the radiance and ethereal beauty of natural materials.  You mostly prefer natural light because bright colorful surfaces scare you.

Tips for you: Copper decorations, exotic flowers and vintage carpets will beautifully enliven an interior and make it cosy. Old metals reflect elegance and offer the opportunity to enjoy a little pleasant indulgence. Combined with green plants, it conjures up an oasis of peace within your home.

Your worktop: The biggest attribute of engineered stone, in addition to its minimal maintenance, which customers appreciate, is the ability to achieve pure white shades of stone, which are not commonly found in nature. For example, try the most popular Crystal Absolute White decor or other beautifully whitish Technistone® shades.


If you have a kitchen


You are a bargain hunter. Ingenuity is in your blood and you are not afraid to be hands on.  Your approach is always innovative and creative, especially regarding how to customize furniture to better suit your space and style. If your kitchen is largely from a „catalogued”, you have certainly searched for it and modified it with some clever kitchen “hack” to reflect your own vision.

What to try next: Light wood, artificial leather and a notice board with photos. You simply understand the Scandinavian style and continue to stick to effective minimalist furniture design and organic shapes and textures. Get to know other materials and art trends that will give your home the right touch. Personal accessories such as photographs or paintings flood the room with a warm atmosphere and conjure up the warm feeling of home.

Your worktop: Your unrestrained energy blends perfectly with the distinctive reflection of the natural elements of the river and tree in the décor of the Serenity collection. A strong and untamed vein flowing through the whole slab perfectly breaks everyday stereotypes.


If you have concrete in your kitchen


You are stable, reliable, and rarely allow your peace to be disturbed.  You may appear difficult at first glance, but everything you do is for love, peace and harmony in the home. You like the classic style and  industrial spaces. Whether you live in a farm-house or in an loft apartment, you care about the structure and overall architecture of the space. Materials and surfaces that seem to others as “cold” or “impersonal” do not distract you. On the contrary, you find perfect order in their uniformity. You have a great sense of detail that matters most to you. Thanks to sophisticated details the whole concept gives the impression of complete perfection and precision.


What to try next: Wood and paint. The visual uniformity of a room can be easily enhanced by color, while the color palette does not have to go too far. Just play around with a single color, be it modern mustard yellow, light green or old pink. It can also turn a room into stunning design scenery. Likewise, you will love natural wood, which adds depth and dimension to the interior.

Your worktop: You usually ignore trends and fads, but you’ll love this one. This TREND does not lose value with time but on the contrary. These are the four decors of the new Technistone® collection, which is inspired by the industrial style. Crude grey shades capture the minimalist beauty and essence of urban design combined with the natural stone structure.


If you are refurbishing old furniture


You are environmentally conscious and treat things around you with love. As a result, the old things in your possession become new. Instead of dreaming about the future, you find value where the emphasis is on the past. For you, the restoration of old materials and the use of recycled household goods is not just cost-saving but message to the world. You appreciate rustic country cottages and stories of ingenious interior transformations. You watch   home improvement shows and love cutting edge design. The feeling of joy, when overused materials come alive is priceless.

What to try next:
Brass walls and ombré painting. Go to the flea market, watch out for time worn metal containers and the inspiration to transform the wall in the trending ombré style(we wrote an article about this unique way of painting).

Your worktop: The Technistone ECO collection is perfect for you; its shades are subtle with the typical features of coarse-grained hard stone structures. The authentically made from of the Czech raw materials and 30% of the recycled components, guarantee the ecological basis as well as economic benefits in the form of lower prices.


If you have vintage appliances


You love people and you are undoubtedly a social and talkative individual. But it is very difficult to read you and understand all your thoughts. You have so many in your head. Even though you don’t have to be a seasoned chef, the kitchen is a source of fun for you and an opportunity to try new recipes. Although your tastes go back decades, you especially like 70s. Your heart burns for retro style; tiles and vintage accessories.

What to try next: Find inspiration in current trends. Fluorescent shades and vivid structures have once again rippled through the fashion waves of interior design. So paying tribute to the modern retro style is a great way to play around in a dated space.

Your worktop: Noble decors, reminiscent of marble in their liveliness and structure, will fine-tune your interior exactly in a playful retro style. Enjoy the luxurious look of marble with Technistone® engineered stone in the largest collection of eighteen original shades.

If your kitchen is dominated by tiles

You are a probing thinker. You perceive the world primarily through touch. Even if you sometimes avoid saying things out loud, you express yourself through shapes and textures, be it bold hexagonal tiles or antique-looking terracotta. While your style is closest to bohemian, you also favour the eclectic design of the present. Photos from the streets of Morocco or Mexico City are probably the latest posts that have discovered on your Instagram.



What to try next: Art glass and murals. Continue your artistic perception with other complex compositions. Surround yourself with organic shapes and natural materials. Art glass is one of the trends that are conquering the world right now – and it actually looks even better than in photos. (Get inspiration in the article on art design,’’ the style that linked stone and glass in the interior’’: read more here)

Your worktop: Strong elements soften the Essential natural collection, bringing peace and harmony to stimulate your creative spirit.

If you like open shelves


You are extremely organized and a visual person.  You have a positive attitude to life and you are honest and readable as an open book. No one needs to ask you about your opinions, you are always happy to share them. You like design fairs and flea markets. Interior renovation is a hobby for you. You like to collect colorful items and let your imagination run wild during the constant transformations of your home. This is a reflection of your current vibe and mood. But in your creativity, you have a system and everything has its place.

What to try next: Temporary wallpaper and asymmetric shelves. Bring home pieces that break up spatial symmetry and test your styling skills.

Your worktop: Courage and desire to be different, that’s the Terazzo collection. A distinctive and contrasting look that gives strength to tired interiors and carries the true beauty of engineered stone.