Slow living: Put time on hold in your living environment

Slowing down time does not necessarily mean increasing your lifespan but reducing the intensity of activities. This also applies to your environment .Instead of only registering a flickering TV screen after coming home from work focus on the minute details your immediate surrounding. You will notice the influence of things around you.

 Life is too short to live in hurry and our home too beautiful to view only from a distance.


Emotional living

Our vision of where we want to live creates a unique thought which inspires the right emotion. There is no other place like that on earth. Here you simply express your individual freedom. A lot of people are tired of a world which is in conflict with their personal values. Your living environment is a place where you can create a world which reflects your own beliefs.


Have you ever seriously considered how you like to spend your time? In which type of environment you would like to relax and let your senses run wild? Where you live is a reflection of your individuality based on how you want to feel and live not as defined by society. The art of slow living is not just about aesthetics. The main emphasis is on harmonious living spaces making peoples lives easier which naturally emerges from our living environment without hindrances, difficulties or stress of any sort.


A serene life in a busy city

Imagine a small recess to reflect in, like an armchair by the window, or a reading corner with ample lighting. Imagine a comfortable quiet spot in the kitchen for you to pause in while making tea. It only requires a little space in order to create your relaxation ritual in busy daily life.


When your family comes over or you invite guests, open a window into your world where you want them to feel welcome. Shared interactions make a space come alive. It therefore pays to furnish an apartment with a long table for entertainment of friends where they can comfortably sit down and enjoy the company of loved ones. If you don’t have enough space then cushions on the floor will provide extra seating.




Authentic living

Natural materials and irregular surfaces can get into our deep into our senses with their authenticity. In contrast to austere plastics they carry a character of time and warmth. It is one of the easiest ways to create a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. Original floors and wall textures, carpets antique furniture, unrefined cotton fabrics or the imperfections of handmade ceramics all create a feeling worth noting, appreciation and utility.

When we learn to appreciate objects with their original properties, they appear unique and attractive. From this point of view we are able to use them for a longer period and make them an integral part of our daily life and as such they are stable and unchangeable forms.