Slowly fall in your home

Let’s be grateful for the seasons we have in our climes, because each season is unique in experience and  brings quite a different range of ways to perceive and use it. Some people feel slightly depressed about the coming season, but there are also those for whom it is new energy flowing through the whole body finally erupting after a gruelling summer. Finally, they have the desire to create or learn something new again. Autumn is beautiful for its full range of colors and earthy scent of fallen and slowly decaying leaves. The warm rays of the sun do not yet allow the cold breeze to penetrate through our coats. Be inspired to imprint the magic of autumn in every room of your home.

Autumn walks through the main door

Welcome  fall with a wreath on the front door. Use the natural materials that are growing right now and dazzling with color. “Harvest” rose hips, cotton, heather, cones and hazelnuts or cinchona outside. For example, boxwood and blueberry can be picked year-round. Making wreaths is a wonderful form of relaxation and children can help you with it. The collecting itself teaches them to look around and recognize plants.

Use only natural elements, which you can then return to the forest. (Technistone®, Noble Concrete Grey)

Autumn is the time for creativity

The cooler months are a wonderful opportunity to slow down, regenerate, and moreover , take time to think about  long overdue ideas put away during an adventurous summer. Whether it’s knitting socks as future Christmas presents, or planning a new bathroom or study. Autumn is perfect for planning a reconstruction. Everything can be carefully thought out, measured and then started in full force in the spring. And if you haven’t been idle during the summer and you feel the planning part is behind you, fill up your bathtub, drip a little essential oils into the bubbles, relax and imagine how beautiful it will look when you finish .

Pearl Rocca in bathroom from Technistone

When planning a bathroom, you have a lot more materials to choose from than it seems. In addition to traditional paving and tiling, there are also washable paints, a concrete trowel or engineered stone. It is practical for the bathroom because it does not absorb water, is non-slip, non-porous, resistant to bacteria and easily maintained. (TechniStone®, Pearl Rocca)

Fall loves a good vibe

we want to spend time pleasantly in the living room in any weather. Even listening to the rain is much more soothing when we watching from behind the windows wrapped in a blanket holding a cup of hot cocoa. We do not always have to resist a melancholy mood tooth and nail, go with the flow. Light candles and lanterns or even a fireplace, let yourself be enchanted by the scents of cedar, vanilla, bergamot or sandalwood, which are most suitable for autumn, and lift your mood even with the changing weather.

The crackling of the fire in the fireplace, even if only organic, conjures up an unmistakable atmosphere and a pleasant feeling of warmth. Then only a book and hot chocolate are missing, and even the biggest opponent of autumn will melt. (TechniStone®, Noble Concrete Grey, Ambiente Light)

Autumn likes to take a break

A cozy bedroom is a must. Even though you spend most of your time sleeping in it, it’s the first thing you’ll see when you wake up and start your day. No less important is falling asleep. A good book and chamomile tea put together are better helpers than sleeping pills. Take time for this pleasant ritual and you will sleep like a kitten. And last but not least, invest in quality bedding, such as linen, or a really good woolen blanket that will last you forever. And oh! It’s so nice.

Autumn in your belly

Autumn is the perfect time to appreciate the gifts of nature and learn to preserve what is fleeting. Apples can be processed in at least a thousand ways, almost anything can be preserved and it’s easier than it seems at first glance. It allows us to perform incredible magic in the kitchen, which we can enjoy for several more months and continuously prepare food for our loved ones, which is the equivalent of telling them that we care about them and we love them. In fact, autumn is also a month full of love, the warmth of which we need more than ever.

To bolster the immune, we recommend strengthening with miraculous golden milk with turmeric, cinnamon, honey and chilli. (TechniStone®, Noble Imperial Grey, Noble Concrete Grey)