Spicy, coriander lemonade. Taste Mexico with us!

Coriander lemonade is a perfect afternoon refreshment. Spicy “agua fresca” is a great way to get a big dose of vitamin C. If you are looking for a good starter drink for a tequilla cocktail, you are on the right track. They love Coriander lemonade in Mexico. And they drink it with tequila. Will you try it?

Source: gearpatrol.com

Cut coriander. Its fine to have more coriander. Hot peppers – Chilli Serrano cut to circles. Add fresh lemon juice and water. Sweeten with maple syrup. Add or do not add tequilla. You’re done. Well, it will be better if you leave it for about two hours to lengthen. Get ready for the mighty power of Mexico!

Source: Technistone. Kitchen top shade: Noble Carrara.

Source: Technistone. Kitchen top shade: Noble Carrara.


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