Stone, an interior saver

Stone, an interior saver

What role does stone play in the interior? From history we learn that stone was used indispensably in the interior because of its toughness and mechanical resistance. With time it became the symbol of beauty and luxury.

What are its contributions to contemporary interiors?

Amongst the plethora of available building materials, stone remains the preference for use in private and commercial design and construction. This is because of its enormous benefits in terms of beauty and rigidity, which are almost unquantifiable and irreplaceable. Thanks to modern technology it has become possible to manufacture stone in various shades and sizes with exceptional characteristics to meet the high demands of modern day interiors and their design. This is one of the reasons why these interiors have remained timeless and  the materials a unique element contributing to this.

Which areas are more protected against deterioration, wear and tear and design imperfections?

The kitchen

The worktop and stone cladding remain the uncompromising gift of the „new generation” kitchen. At this instance we are not sure of where to touch, we experiment sometimes choosing the strenuous option. With time we realize that our kitchen is not as attractive as it used to be and needs some uplifting. Stone becomes the handyman injecting new life into the tired kitchen which has lost its shine and beauty due to daily use. It offers protection in the form of visible durable materials which raise the standard thereby becoming the heart of the kitchen.

Significant differences achieved with the help of small changes. (Source: Cat&Cook, Technistone® Crystal Calacatta Silva)

The bathroom

The bath ritual or a long hot shower spell is an “indulgence”  for most people. The bathroom is our private beauty sanctuary from which we emerge fully energized and therefore deserves useful  innovation. Stone gives the bathroom that feeling of luxury which we desire in daily self-care . One of the many advantages of engineered stone is that it is impervious to water and cosmetics thereby protecting  bathroom furniture.

Engineered stone offers affectionate care and luxury in your bathroom environment.(Source: Aldona Piendzioch Baliga, Technistone® Noble Ivory White)

Along the corridor or ante-room

Usually the corridor is a sort of transit space where we spend very little time and therefore receives minimum attention. Despite this it is capable of influencing and highlighting access to the rooms. Brighten up the largest corridor area with stone cladding, and protect them against possible wear and tear. You will not have to worry about routine problems and looking for alternative materials for part of your home.

Corridors and staircases become dominant areas of the interior  thanks to cladding,not just a means of communicating between rooms.(Technistone®, Pearl Lava)

The living room

In the living room, stone performs an invaluable task. The area you want to feel comfortable in needs elements which give a feeling of warmth and domestic comfort . Attractive wall cladding or a fire- place influence the direction  of individuals attention. It becomes the focal point of the room . Another acceptable alternative are tiles under which you can install floor heating. For a perfect finish consider stone as the slab for the conference table which can be made to exact measurements and in accordance with the required shape and size.

Harmonizing the stone decor with the surrounding interior furniture of the sitting room is an important factor.  (Technistone® Crystal Anthracite Pure, Gobi Urban Matt, Ambiente Light, Crystal Calacatta Silva)