Stone as a home accessory

When we mention stone in the interior, we often automatically imagine an element that has strength but lacks warmth,  has pronounced veining and structure. We consider it with reservation , while on the contrary, it is capable of introducing timelessness , and to a large extent charm into the living environment, as well as a certain dose of luxury. Be inspired by choosing small things and ideas on how to incorporate stone into your home.


Luxurious living room with high ceilings and large windows with quartz stone Crystal Anthracite Pure, fireplace and large sofa

The cladding of the fireplace made of engineered stone is a natural and at the same time modern interior accessory. (Crystal Anthracite Pure, TechniStone®)


Gradually bring in stone

There is no need to start immediately with bold elements on the walls, around the fireplace or partitions. In addition, it is always a radical intervention, which should be in harmony with the entire interior and your needs. Start with smaller accessories and medium-sized areas before you dare to unleash your imagination and incorporate stone to a greater extent.


Hand with a pestle in a mortar

You will quickly appreciate the durability and functionality of the stone and objects made of it. (Noble Calista, TechniStone®


Stone in the heart of the home

Whether preparing dinner or as an effective addition to serving delicacies,  stone will not get lost in the kitchen and will help create a perfect wow effect when setting a table. A stone mortar is an irreplaceable helper for crushing spices and herbs, and everyone’s taste buds will come to life with canapés served on an original chopping board. A tray in combination with wood can also hold four servings of afternoon desserts, and aventurine coasters light brighten up not only every table, but even have magical effects.


Technistone®Crystal Calacatta Amnis hardened stone cladding and table, large chandeliers and stairs
Stone is a popular material in the kitchen not only for worktops, but also for dining tables, where it often helps to unify the interior as a whole down to the last detail. Here, repetition is the mother of harmony. (Crystal Calacatta Amnis, TechniStone


Stone Spa

Treat yourself to a moment of rest and relaxation. After all, the harsh weather calls for it. Soak in a stone tub, which will keep the water temperature constant for a long time. Everyday rituals can be made more pleasant and something to look forward to even by little things like eye candy in the form of bathroom accessories. An onyx soap dispenser and the cup for brushes look best in pairs. And it fits even better with a washbasin in the same design. This can become the centerpiece of an entire bathroom.


Bathroom from quartz stone Pearl Rocca Technistone®

You don’t have to worry about the use of stone in the bathroom. After you get used to the small things you will be pleasantly surprised how well stone can look in the shower, on the floor or as a whole basin. (Pearl Rocca, Technistone®)


A  relaxed evening with the Flintstones

The color of stone varies from natural shades from dark black, through shades of gray, brown, green to white marble. That’s why almost all interiors can have stone accessories. From  wall clocks, through stone vases, candlesticks, decorative trays, to such little things as marble handles that embellish even the most ordinary cabinet. And don’t forget the pleasant lighting from the table lamps, which will help to create a captivating atmosphere.


Conference stand in the living room made of Technistone® Noble Imperial Gray material, white sofa and curtains

Coffee tables with a stone top add a touch of Italian luxury to the living room. (Noble Imperial Grey, TechniStone®)