Stone of the Third Millennium

Stone has always been closely connected to human development; so much so that one of the developmental stages of society is named after this… The Stone Age. Its renowned strength, structure, and color variations have been inspirational, and it uses a fundamental in building and manufacturing. Its features, however, have taken a giant leap forward.

Stone is a luxury element that brings a sense of tradition, beauty and nature to the interior. Unfortunately it is not an ideal for some applications. Natural stone tends to crack or crumble, it is porous, and so it easily forms stains that are difficult to remove. It is difficult to influence the structure of the stone and its irregularities. Finally, the solution exists, brought to you by Technistone, a company in Královéhradecky County, which for more than 20 years has supplied hardened stone to luxury residences and commercial spaces.

Long-term investment

Technistone® is an increasingly used material in both Czech and foreign households, and the same hold true for architects from around the world. No wonder. It gives you a choice of colors and finishes that are hard to find in nature, plus shades ranging from the finest white to dark-grained products with fine decors. Unique processing technology guarantees much higher hardness, resistance to damage and minimal water absorption. The polished surface of Technistone® has properties comparable to that of a glass surface, leaving no stains and being almost maintenance-free during normal use.

And what is the magic? Technistone® is made of more than 90% of natural materials (mainly quartz and granite). They are carefully selected, crushed, enhanced with colored pigments, or Mirror and Glass chips for Starlights, and then cured with high-quality polyester resin. A process which ensures the final product is highly durable and ideal for use in modern homes. Where does Technistone® fit best? Of course, kitchen, top, bathroom counters, as well as wall claddings, window sills, tiles or even stairs treads. More at