Eco in mind, beauty that shines. (Taurus Terazzo Dark)


It is so important, now more than ever, to be conscious of the environment around us. Hop on your bike instead of getting behind the wheel, buy fresh local products rather than mass-produced, and stop buying fast fashion. We’re all familiar with the ways in which we can help our planet, but what about in the home? Technistone believes in the power of sustainability and our products reflect this. Let’s take a look at how Technistone® and sustainability go hand in hand to create the perfect partnership.


Eco in mind, beauty that shines. (Taurus Terazzo Dark)

Eco in mind, beauty that shines. (Taurus Terazzo Dark)


Green is beautiful

One of the many attractions of going green is that wonderful feeling that you’re doing something good. Sometimes aesthetics aren’t seen as such a key part of sustainability, but why not look good while you do good? We see it in the trend of slow fashion, where many are turning their backs on unsustainable clothing and more local designers are coming to the forefront and being appreciated –  not only because their designs are kinder to the environment, but because they simply look so much better.

You can connect with nature and the environment with a harmonious home. Reflect your green consciousness by surrounding yourself with warm, natural materials and those which have been repurposed into something new and breathtaking. Technistone® products not only contain about 90 % natural products, but also selected products are made from 20 – 70%  recycled raw materials. By reusing glass and mirror shards, we’re not only reducing waste, but producing a stunning stone which adds elegant beauty to your space.


Blur the lines between nature and home. (Gobi Urban)

Blur the lines between nature and home. (Gobi Urban)

Longer lasting, lower impact

It’s not all about looks of course. When deciding on the perfect shade to highlight the hearth of your home, stop and think – will this retain its impeccable surface? Will you have to constantly maintain and worry over scratches, heat, and spills? We’re human and homes are for living, not tiptoeing around. When designing your dream kitchen, bathroom or flooring, beyond the subtle hues and sharp design, you want to make sure you can enjoy your surroundings for years to come. Unlike granite, which is porous and susceptible to stains, or laminate, which is vulnerable to scratches and moisture, Technistone® products are incredibly durable. There’s no need to concern yourself with treating or fretting about warping and discolouration. Sit back and enjoy your glittering kitchen counter, cutting edge bathroom tiles or sumptuous floor, safe in the knowledge that you have many years of pleasure ahead of you.

The colour of elegance

Being green doesn’t mean your home has to be splashed with lime or adorned with chartreuse. Our Elegance Eco range is a trio of earthy, subtle-hued shades with exquisite medium coarse texture, designed to celebrate our commitment to sustainability. Select from alluring Ash, sun-kissed Zen and refined Nev to compliment your home with the elegance of nature.


The hearth of the home - connect with your surroundings. (Elegance Eco Zen)

The hearth of the home – connect with your surroundings. (Elegance Eco Zen)


Proud to be recognised

You now know Technistone has a passion for helping the world become a better place through the use of recycled materials in our beautiful products. But don’t just take our word for it! We are proud to have received multiple green certificates –  SCS Global Services – Indoor Advantage Gold, SCS Global Services – Recycled content, and GREENGUARD Gold are just 3 of them. They sound fantastic, but what do they actually mean?


When products bear the prestigious GREENGUARD Gold seal, it means they have undergone rigorous testing for over 10, 000 chemicals. Indoor pollution from chemical emissions from furnishings in the home leads to health problems, but you can sleep soundly knowing Technistone® will not have a negative impact on your or your loved ones’ well-being.


SCS Global Services – Indoor Advantage Gold

What’s more valuable than peace of mind? A product awarded with the Indoor Advantage Gold from SCS Global Services meets air quality standards for indoor spaces and does not emit harmful emissions – breathe easy in the comfort of your home.

SCS Global Services – Recycled content

The use of third party waste in our selected products is divided into four categories – those containing 20%, 30%, 40% and 70% recycled content. So, when purchasing the perfect Technistone® slab, you can not only control the overall look of your interior, but you can also feel content in the knowledge that you are reducing waste and helping the environment.

Environment for the future

Thinking about sustainability is more than what you can do today; it’s about how you will impact the future. When incorporating a product within a building, regardless whether it’s your home or an entire office building – it’s important to make sure there is as little impact on the environment as possible.

A LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy) and other programs show that a building is energy and cost efficient, as well as having low greenhouse gas emissions. Technistone® products can benefit our customers – firstly, with the use of recycled materials (20 – 70 %) and secondly, the fact that our products do not emit harmful emissions. You can view exactly which programs each of our products are included in on the Origin website.


In synergy with sustainability. (Crystal Diamond)

In synergy with sustainability. (Crystal Diamond)

To find the right product to make your house a home, which will flawlessly combine stunning design with care for the environment, take a look at our full range here.