Swedish interior with minimal colors

Nothing is just black and white. In Sweden, everything is different. They have either a white day or a black night instead of a day. It could be said that there is nothing in between. Error! The Scandinavian style is very popular for its photogenic cosiness and beauty. If the window is dominated by darkness for half a year, you just need to have light at home. And there is nothing lighter than the white or light, natural shades of the landscape around.

The sophistication of the Swedish interior style has been developing for decades. Naturally, it links to a much older tradition using wood and is currently mix from antique elements, practically simple and futuristically razed. Another element that suits the wood and the cozy interior is surprisingly stone. That’s why we’ll introduce you to the possibilities of using Technistone® for your lifestyle and enjoyment. Nowadays it fits on wardrobes, night tables, tables in the living room or dining room, anywhere. While it may be casual and a little chaotic, the Swedish style of living is all conditioned by one basic rule – everything must be comfortable, practical and especially cozy. And you do not even need colorful interiors. Just play with the shades of some neutral colors 🙂

Source: Technistone / Noble Supereme White shade

Source: Technistone / Noble Supereme White shade

The Swedish style of the interior can be created just as easily in the modern city loft as in a family house. The first one will be more inclined to the austere lines, the other one maybe complemented by a wooden table adorned with the teeth of time, and you will underline the feeling of intimacy and tradition maintained in your home. It is also in the seemingly cool combination of white and black that is very important and can only be created by putting in the details of your personality or by doing some natural details, such as at the rustic wood mentioned earlier.

Source: Best Home Designs

Source: Dream-land.ru