Table, the cornerstone of the home

The table, an indispensable pillars of our homes, creates a centerpiece and space for sharing. It is helps in forming and strengthening social ties, brings people together, listens to personal stories, is a place of gourmet specialties and a silent reader of literary tales. Its presence in the interior has played an irreplaceable role over the centuries.

 The table is the heart of our home – a place to meet, share, an oasis of taste and aroma. (Gobi Urban, Technistone®)

The beauty of minimalism

“Simplicity is infinite perfection. Perfection is infinite simplicity. “Leonardo da Vinci.

In recent years, the desire for spaciousness, airiness, purity and austerity has become the subject of our interest. Minimalism is gradually sneaking into our homes and creating space and time for moments spent together with the family. We prefer to replace cleaning with leisure activities with our children. In addition, the absence of unnecessary dust traps allows the interior to breathe. The presence of one or two distinctive residential elements will sufficiently enliven the place and allow its owners to move freely in it, creating the sense of freedom.  Such a focal point can be, for example, an interesting conference or side table, which fulfills many functions, pleasantly complements the interior and yet does not interfere.

The stone table in the interior is a sign of refined taste (Noble Imperial GreyTechnistone®)

Tables are good helpers, the pride and decoration of any home. They play different roles and their size and shape vary depending on functionality and harmony with the environment. Large kitchen dining tables are transformed into smaller conference tables in the living rooms and bedside tables in the bedrooms. Oval, square, rectangle or circle. The variation of shapes can brighten up any room and, together with a sofa or chairs, create an oasis of calm for sitting together with family, friends or colleagues.

A coffee table will brighten up any room with its modern design and elegant style (Noble Athos Brown, Technistone®)

When choosing a suitable table, we should take into account the size of the room and the reality of our household. Children are very resourceful. The space, overflowing with many objects, can turn into a little domestic battlefield in a short time. The table can fall victim to hot tea, felt-tip pens, crayons and other dangerous attackers. A solid, durable and easy-to-maintain surface, robust construction and rounded corners will be an ideal choice in this case.

Elegant round tables give  an interesting dynamism to the room.  (Noble Pietra Grey, Noble Areti Bianco, Starlight Black, Technistone®, Ideal Stone)

Return to nature

Authenticity, openness, truthfulness – these are the mottos of today. People are increasingly eager to live in symbiosis with nature and are increasingly welcoming natural materials into their homes. The ideal table or coffee table should be in line with our lifestyle and complement other interior elements in color, material and appearance. The advantage of natural materials is their easy compatibility with other materials and color shades. They go well with modern interiors.

The combination of stone and wood creates a perfect harmony of nature.
 (Crystal Calacata Silva, Technistone®, Romeco Italy)

Thanks to a wide range of shades, wood fits perfectly into various design areas, but this material does not always withstand contact with a sharp object or liquid. In this respect, the stone wins, in addition, it looks stylish and elegant. Such an unconventional piece of furniture reflects the artistic talent of nature, its ability to combine colors and tastefully complete minute details. In addition to its interesting appearance, it also attracts with its characteristic features. It is strong, resilient, resistant to chemicals and high temperatures and easy to maintain. The stone table will stand by the side of its owners for many years of daily use without disappointment.

Natural elements have a beneficial effect on our psyche, uplift the environment and provide practical and original interior solutions.. (Gobi Urban, Technistone®)