Tables: How to choose the right one? Be creative, be playful and think timeless!

The table is, in fact, its own space. It can be a space for lighthearted chatting and serious conversation with family and friends, a space for creating something you enjoy. The table is also a game with position within the space. The table is your fantasy, which is reflected in its design you can be incredibly flexible and turn your home from the everyday to the extraordinary. The table can be just a piece of furniture. Or it can be even a piece that shares your life with you, your desire, joy even your worries. The table lives with you as your children are growing and shares with you all the important life events.

There are many varieties of tables. Your first question should therefore be; where you want to place the table? In which room in your home or apartment do you need it? To the dining room? To the office? What about the bedroom or the hall? How big should it be? What will be its purpose? Do you have a big family or are you single? What about the edges? Do you like to bump into things? Without a grinder it will not work. Round, rectangular, tall, low, small, large, glossy, matte, colorful, old, new.

Gray and white colors are now in. And yes, a top made of quartz will not be lightweight, but it will stand firm on the ground and give you a feeling of confidence that you can even lean on it. The color range and shades of TechniStone quartz will keep you entertained. Maybe you will not be able to decide what color to choose. What’s great is that the Czech producer of quartz TechniStone has samples to help you to be on the right path to choose that perfect shade, without stress and right from your own home.

The table top made of quartz can survive almost anything. Surely, it would be interesting to know how many gallons of red wine you pour on it in twenty year  period, or how many times you drop a fork with the content of your newly cooked gourmet menu. But believe that the tops of TechniStone material just do it with no smudges, stains, round markings after coffee cups; and you don’t even need a beer coaster. Technistone quartz does not absorb anything. However, you will have to clean up with a mild dish soap and water. The advantage is that it’s fast and at no time. You can take time to find the perfect flower in your garden, put it in a beautiful vase and arrange it on your table. The table dispalys all your experiences. TechniStone is able not only to create a beautiful home, but also maintain it.