TechniStone® Countertops and Other Practical Tips for Your Kitchen from Foodblogger Lucia Wagnerová

Lucia Wagnerová is known all over Slovakia as an influencer, foodblogger, and youtuber thanks to her healthy and tasty recipes. Food is her work, her passion, and also her hobby. For that reason it was important to her to create a practical, functional, and visually interesting kitchen. Lucia is a perfectionist with a creative spirit. Her design sense paid dividends in the plans for her new kitchen, which included a countertop made from TechniStone®! What was her experience with creating her own personal kitchen paradise and what advice does she have for us? 

Lucia appears on social media under the banner of FitRecepty. She invents her own nutritionally balanced recipes, makes videos of herself preparing them, and publishes them on her profiles. Her kitchen is her ‘film studio’, and therefore it had to be perfect. 

‘I played with the design of my future kitchen for quite a while. Even before that I was following the trends in kitchen design and gadgetry, and looking for inspiration in various online and printed sources. I wanted to use my space as effectively as possible’, says Lucia, who reveals the steps she took:

  1. Study the available sources of inspiration and the experience of others! ‘In the first place I wanted a kitchen that suits my needs. I didn’t want to be controlled by the latest trends in kitchen design. I took my inspiration from the valuable advice and experience of experts.’ 
  2. You are the queen of your own kitchen, and it should fit you like a glove. ‘Next came arranging the storage space in the kitchen. ‘I started off with my routines and the frequency with which I use various kitchen tools for cooking. Based on that, I positioned the drawers, the upper and lower cabinets, the shelving, and the appliances. I knew I wanted the height of the kitchen cabinets to be made to measure for me. I’m very tall, so I needed to raise the countertops. The upper cabinets and the appliances are tailored to my height as well.’ 
  3. Try not to save money at the expense of quality materials. ‘From my experience with my old apartment I know that it doesn’t pay to skimp on materials. I chose quality products for the cabinet doors and TechniStone® engineered stone for the countertops. I had a laminated countertop in the kitchen of my old apartment that was the colour of concrete. TechniStone® is something entirely different. I’ve had the TechniStone® countertop for a year already and every day I appreciate it more.’
  4. A timeless kitchen never goes out of style. ‘A kitchen cabinet is not just another piece of furniture that you can easily change. For that reason I chose a light, timeless design.’ The successful Youtuber was looking for a marbled texture for her countertop. ‘I used TechniStone® in Crystal Calacatta Silva, which enhances the available natural light in the room. It was love at first sight! Crystal Calacatta Silva is both elegant and totally unique at the same time. It goes perfectly with a modern interior’, Lucia confirms. 
  5. Choose reliable professional suppliers. ‘Slovakia’s Kamenarstvo Stone did the fabrication and installation of the TechniStone®, which is produced by a company that has many years of experience with engineered stone. Thanks to Kamenarstvo Stone’s excellent, professional work, the joints between the stone slabs are nearly invisible. They easily handled the installation even though the walls were out of line, which was impossible to avoid in the course of the reconstruction.’ Lucia says approvingly: ‘The stonemasons gave me professional advice in the studio and then installed the material without a hitch’. Her kitchen was a great success. ‘Everyone who comes to visit just loves it’, adds the talented young influencer. 

TechniStone® is very pleasing to the touch. It’s low-maintenance, and above all its surface is almost impossible to scratch.

The kitchen countertop extends right up to the window and forms the windowsill. That gives the kitchen a seamless, consistent look.

The kitchen is open to the living area. TechniStone® in Crystal Calacatta Silva naturally enlivens the entire room.  Lucia chose cabinets combining an ivory tone and bright white in a matte finish. The Miele-brand appliances complete the kitchen.