Technistone in Hradec Králové ensures top quality and represents a new hue that sets the trend next year

At the end of 2018, the Czech company Technistone introduces a novelty that identifies world trends in the quartz industry. The company, which is one of the world’s top producers of quartz, sets new heights in design with a black minimalist shade of Poetic Black from the Serenity collection. So Technistone has kept all the resolutions it has set for this year. It stands out in a commitment that combines the unique quartz development with the latest trends in design while maintaining the perfect quality. The company has had the best year in its history, and next year it promises not just more news, but it also new achievements on every level.

Why is Technistone a world leader?

Technistone® design material currently offers 54 shades to its customers. Among them are shades from the Eco collection, which are both ecological and economical. It is made of recyclable materials of local suppliers not only for Czech customers. The Essential Collection is dominated by Crystal Absolute White. It is one of the whitest shades in the world. The Exterior collection is appreciated by world-class experts, especially in the field of architecture. This is the first collection for outdoor use of facades and outdoor kitchens. On the contrary, the Starlight collection is a unique example of the perfect shine that Technistone has opened the gates of world acclaim over 20 years ago. Technistone strives to promote sustainability, cares for recycling and slow design. The inspiration comes from the nature. As truthful as it really is. Top-of-the-range manufacturing technologies help to achieve the perfect qualities and keep up with the standards of modern times and, above all, they represent important ecological values that save nature.

Source: Technistone, Poetic Black


Revolutionary material

Technistone® material is revolutionary mainly due to the use of recyclable components and the combination of crushed silica. This connection is characterized by exceptional strength and high resistance to scratches, stains or UV rays. It is also waterproof. Thanks to these features, Technistone® is ideal for use on kitchen or bathroom tiles. With timeless design, it provides the prerequisite for a perfect home of the third millennium.

The new Shade of Poetic Black sets the trend for next year

The Technistone® portfolio includes Poetic Black from the Serenity collection. It is a distinctive black shade with white irregular veins. The matte to velvety surface of the slab does not reflect the light and absorbs all the interest on itself. The shade is unique, minimalist, luxurious, which forces action creatively. Poetic Black looks further than closer. It searches for light in the dark, brings its strength to the tired, and promotes the change of unchangeable. Ideal for designing luxurious interiors.