The Architectural Trends for 2020

Society is in general committed with the environment, and the architectural trends exactly follow the desire to work with sustainable materials and buildings. Architecture and Design more than a trend is a social manifestation in 2020!

The architectural trends have nowadays effective social impacts in society, it’s definitely a trend to reform and rehabilitate spaces, houses, offices following principles of industrialism and minimalism however connected more and more with technical smart homes, where the automatization and sustainability are key words.



Ambiente Light



In terms of the architectural spaces and materials, there is an unlimited attention to the Kitchen and Bathrooms, as well the open spaces and relation with exterior, with large terraces, balconies and even the social environment of the patio in the courtyard.



Residente Dark



The traditional kitchen more than to prepare the meals is definitely the place to meet, socialize and gather together with family or friends. There is an increased prominence of this space and physical proportions, which nowadays connect the living and dining area, almost as the core of the house. In the opposite, the bathroom becomes the space for relaxation and is no longer seen as a space dedicated just for one function. The shower, the materials, the natural elements connect our body with nature and release the tensions and the daily stress and routine life.




Noble Concrete Grey Matt




Gobi Urban Matt



Materially, the architectural space will be composed by natural materials or surfaces which relate our visual perception with countryside, and psychological re-connect our bodies with nature. More light and less noise in the living environment is the minimalist essence of life. The surfaces are the ground of the architectural space; the Residence dark and the Ambient Light are the coating which creates variety on texture, imitating natural environments and material as mod, wood or cement. Urban architectural spaces are defined by asymmetrical forms, Gobi Urban or Noble Concrete are definitely a trend for 2020 which visually uniform the main surfaces of the living environments. These materials uniform the walls, floors and main surfaces which characterize and give the identity for each space.

The trend is a reflection of our societies, the environment or sustainability of our living reflects our philosophy of life, fundamentally our social commitment to the world.


Author: Marco Maio, Arch.



Marco is a Portuguese architect based in the Czech Republic. The main activities and responsibilities are divided into the professional practice in his studio in Prague, the architectural design teaching at the Czech Technical University, the production of his own designs, publishing and foreign business relations, mainly in EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) region.