The Golden Era of Hollywood. Try the Twinkle drink as Marilyn Monroe liked

What was the taste of Marilyn Monroe? Yes, it’s Twinkle. Light as a breeze, as sugary as a sweetheart, in a beautiful glass that adds the grace to every woman’s hand.

Source: Technistone. Kitchen top shade: Noble Carrara.

To prepare this delicious drink, you need three ingredients and one special glass. Yes, exactly that one. Martini one. Triangular. Maybe you’re in shock. But Marilyn Monroe really loved it. The glass that looks absolutely amazing in your hand! J Make sure to have champagne, vodka, and eldeberry juice. The procedure is simple. Pour champagne or Proseco into your glass. Add half a shot glass of vodka with eldeberry juice. Decorate with eldeberry leaf and lemon peel. It’s a really delicious thing. Believe it or not, it‘s enough to have only three glasses for the evening 🙂

Source: Technistone. Kitchen top: Noble Carrara.

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