Noble Areti Bianco, Crystal Polar White

The hottest summer kitchen trends part II

If you already read The Hottest Summer Kitchen Trends Part I, get ready for some extra inspiration to update your home. Read on for the latest fresh kitchen styles…

Warm Metallics

A quick and easy way to give your kitchen a summer makeover is adding warm tones of brass or gold. It’s easy to overlook hinges, knobs and handles and they’re often the last thing we think of when designing our kitchen. But they really add that extra special element to a stunning stone counter and offset colourful or soft wood cabinets with a modern metallic twist. Brass and gold are on trend this year and you can elevate the overall feel of your kitchen by simply replacing the ironmongery. And don’t forget the sink and tap – you can choose modern, minimalist, industrial or traditional in bold brass and gorgeous gold to create the perfect finishing touch.


Noble Athos Brown and Taurus Terazzo Black

Make a statement with warm metallics to offset stunning counters. (Noble Athos Brown; Taurus Terazzo Black)


Quartz reigns supreme

Having been the forerunner for kitchen counters for some time now, quartz shows no sign of dropping from the top spot. But what makes this material so popular? Over the years, technological advances in engineered stone have seen a variety of choices in colour, texture and pattern burst forth that are still unmatched today. Moreover, it requires little maintenance and treating, unlike surfaces such as granite. Whether you’re giving your kitchen a complete overhaul, or simply replacing your counter, you want to make sure that it will remain as beautiful as the day you installed it for as long as possible. Technistone® offers a vast array of sustainable products in a myriad of colours and finishes to suit your sense of style. The simple act of replacing a counter or splashback makes the world of difference to the focal point of your home.


Use quartz to revitalise your space - Noble Concrete Grey

Use quartz to revitalise your space. (Noble Concrete Grey)


Dramatic black

Dark hues are not your typical summer vibes, but a black kitchen creates a striking visual feast for the senses. Go all-out and have every surface saturated in inky tones, or draw the eye with sultry dark accents. Black appliances, counters and cabinets create a luxe, modern feel which you can accentuate with metallic hardware or soften with natural textiles and wood. Plus, we all know that black goes with everything. Choose white –  its classic companion -,  subtle gray tones or bright bursts of colour. This is a truly unique way to refresh your kitchen and creates an inspiring setting where you can entertain your guests all the way through summer.


KItchen countertop Noble Areti Bianco, Crystal Polar White

Contrast matt black and glossy white for a striking look (Noble Areti Bianco; Crystal Polar White) 


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