The La Natura Collection Symbolizes Nature in Every Detail

This year’s new engineered stone products from Technistone embody a harmonious connection with nature. Each of the four new decors in the La Natura Collection brings with it a unique story and depending on the design, can transport you into a rose garden in bloom or a wild, untamed desert environment. These engineered stone decors celebrate the beauty of nature in conjunction with modern design. In their manufacture, Technistone puts the emphasis on detail and precision, which is reflected in every piece they make. Discover the beauty of nature in the new La Natura Collection from Technistone.

Morning Daisy

The first new decor in our new collection is imbued with the optimism and energy that characterizes new beginnings. It’s a perfect reflection of morning dew on a meadow full of daisies. Our Morning Daisy design recalls the early morning hour when nature begins to wake up and greet the new day.

Engineered stone in Morning Daisy has soft greys that blend together to create a surface with a pearlized look that will bring just a touch of dynamism into any interior. Do you like the look of this silky decor?

Wedding Lily

Another new decor in the La Natura Collection that reminds us of nature is Wedding Lily. Its fine texture reflects the freshness and delicacy of a flower, the symbol of love and steadfastness. It will give your interior a similar feeling of freshness and elegance as well.

This refined decor combines elegant, timeless Champagne tones with a modern feel. In conjunction with smoky oak and a minimalist style, it will stand out in all its natural beauty.

Country Rose

Engineered stone in the romantic Country Rose decor is synonymous with the English countryside. Close your eyes and imagine stone houses that over time have become covered with vines of fragrant roses in full and glorious bloom. Country Rose brings harmony and vintage elegance to an interior.

The Country Rose decor has a creamy white base and prominent bronze veining that excel in a romantic interior filled with vintage elements. The contrasts in its pattern perfectly complement a sophisticated interior and give it a rich character. Combined with rustic, solid-wood furniture and polished brass hardware, it adds elegance and charm to a room.

Wild Yucca

The last decor in our new La Natura Collection is the exuberant and unrestrained Wild Yucca. It brings a spirit of adventure to an interior. It’s the reflection of a desert path lined with exotic plant species that winds through an untamed nature. It represents nature’s bold contrasts and enormous power.

The grey background of Wild Yucca is distinguished by olive-green accents that give an interior a playful and at the same time calming atmosphere. Its colorful pattern works well in combination with an individualistic design. It brings out green details in a room and gives it a sense of relaxation and harmony.

Explore the timeless beauty found in every detail of our new decors and connect your interior with nature.

Which of our new engineered stone decors impresses you the most?