The Latest in Kitchen Design Trends – Contrast

With autumn in the air and the summer rapidly fading it’s time to bring the family back together in the heart of the home, the kitchen. Warm and cozy, light filled and spacious, rustic or contemporary, whether you’re thinking of some basic kitchen renovation, a complete remodeling or just looking for ideas and inspiration to feed your dreams of the ultimate kitchen experience, one trend in contemporary design is taking off.

In this post, one of a series we will do looking at trends in kitchen design, we’ll take a closer look at the idea of contrast that’s rocking the world’s design scene and how you, as a modern home owner, can pull untold inspiration from the creative dynamism and fluidity of this cutting-edge style of kitchen design.

Contrast is dynamism

Contrast creates a certain degree of tension that is at once dynamic and vivacious, bold and elegant. Designers and architects around the world today have been working with the idea of contrast in contemporary kitchen design to create spaces that define personal style and taste.

Taurus Black quartz in cutting-edge kitchen design by B-architecten

The kitchen design above highlights the incredible elegance that comes with the use of the innovative Technistone® Terazzo collection.  The contrast inherent in the premium quartz countertop, floor and window bench in combination with simple black, rot iron kitchen stools and black faucets works together brilliantly with the inflow of light from a large window, white ceiling and simple flat overhead lighting. All in all, this kitchen makes a strong statement about the style and sophistication of the homeowner and the dynamism of contrast.

Contrast is contemporary

Now compare this to the kitchen design below.

Starlight Black quartz, with natural wood in white

Here, white clean lines together with a Starlight Black kitchen counter top and black ovens are offset by a kitchen table of natural wood and wooden parquet floors. The lime pastel color of the designer kitchen chairs add a contemporary splash of color. All in all, in this example, contrast takes on new dimensions, both between simple black and white and between the natural wood and quartz stone, leading to a more subdued dynamism and casual, comfortable feel.

Contrast is elegant

In the next example, contrast becomes even more subdued. While still stark and compelling, there is a simple elegance and stylish flair in the use of marbled sliver grey countertops and backstop, at once natural and elegant, with delicate but direct lighting fixtures, silver accessories, white, lightly molded cabinets, transparent chairs and parquet wood floors.

Technistone® Noble Pietra Grey countertops and backstop

Timelessness and functionality tell a story you and your family will love to be a part of. The overall effect is a contemporary, stylish yet slightly understated form of sophistication.

While these are but a few of the countless examples produced today by the world’s leading designers, the fact remains that variations on contrast, both between color schemes as well as materials, e.g. natural wood and quartz stone, offer up limitless possibilities for how to transform the heart of your home into a dynamic space distinctively reflective of your personal style and tastes.