The latest in kitchen design trends – integrated sinks

The kitchen countertop has long been where all the action takes place. From chopping to slicing and dicing, hot pots and pans, spills and stains, making sure you have the most resilient possible kitchen countertop is essential. Of course, aesthetics are also a significant factor. Even the heartiest countertops, if made of the wrong material, can end up looking brutally worn and downright awful. Grease and grime build up, wear and tear takes its toll. The fact is, your kitchen countertop is aesthetic centerpiece of your kitchen, defining you sense of style and taste in the heart of your home.

Fortunately, the days of unsightly laminate are behind us. New advances in engineered stone, namely quartz, are trending globally, thanks in part to their magnificent durability, stain and scratch resistance, incredible longevity, variety and sheer beauty. Engineered stone, while obviously not the cheapest of options, has significant advantages over granite or marble, and adds both substantial value and amazing beauty to your home.

Take a look at these contemporary kitchen countertop trends, we’re confident they’ll stimulate your imagination and inspire you to rethink the way your kitchen is the true center of your home, where the heart is.

Seamless beauty

Integrated sinks and stove tops provide a sleek, minimalist look to your kitchen. The fundamental difference between an integrated sink and stove top and traditional sinks and stove tops can be summed up in one word, seamlessness. Whereas a traditional sink or stove top is mounted under a hole cut in the counter top, creating seams and edges, integrated sinks and stove tops are actually part of the countertop itself.

This provides two main advantages. The first is seamlessness, there are no overlapping edges where the sink or stove top connects to the countertop. This prevents the accumulation of grease and grime in the cracks and offers a more sanitary kitchen environment. The second is pure aesthetics. Seamlessness is beautiful. It’s minimalist, it’s sleek, and it’s pure style.

Integrated sink and stove top. Noble Storm Pro, private residence, London, Source: Technistone


Here’s an excellent example of the possibilities using not only a countertop but the full counter in quartz stone with an integrated sink. Seamless, flawless and brilliant.

Integrated sink. Private residence, Dubai, Source: Technistone  

An example of an integrated sink and stone top in pure minimalist style.

Integrated sink and stove top. Private residence   Source: Pinterest

A simple and elegant integrated sink in engineered stone.


Integrated sink. Private residence, Source: Way2brain


Minimalist example. Almost pure black and white, with an integrated sink.

Integrated sink. Private residence, Source: Contemporist

An elegant utilization of not only a quartz countertop but also sides and a seating backboard in quartz stone with an integrated sink, integrated storage insets and inset stove top.

Integrated sink. Noble Areti Bianco, private residence, Helsinki, Finland, Source: Technistone

An overview of the lovely two-step integrated sink with inset gas stove top shown above.


Integrated sink. Noble Areti Bianco, private residence, Helsinki, Finland, Source: Technistone


Detail of a Technistone® integrated sink with siding. Notice the flawless flow of the marbling in the stone and the sense of serenity and overall harmony it instills. Never stop dreaming. This could be your home. With Technistone®, the possibilities are endless.

Integrated sink. Private residence, Source: Technistone