The latest in kitchen design trends – wood and stone

Historically, home kitchens were pretty bland places. Kitchens displayed one material for countertops (in the past it was usually cheap laminate) and another for the cabinets and that was it. Fortunately for us, times have changed and interior designer’s options with them.

Today, engineered quartz stone is all the rage as a durable, and beautiful alternative to traditional laminate. Even granite, which is porous so it stains easily and must be sealed regularly, is prone to cracks, and breaks and chips, is being rapidly displaced by quartz stone as the material for a luxury kitchen countertops thanks to its sheer beauty, versatility and practicality.

Source: Technistone, Technistone® kitchen

But stunningly beautiful and highly practical quartz stone alone is often not enough to make your kitchen into a mecca of personal style and brilliant design.

To address these issues, contemporary designers have begun to actively mix natural materials in the kitchen to create greater visual dynamism and beauty in a space that is often considered the heart of the home.

Contrast is one of the keys in the designer’s hands able to unlock the need for balance, harmony and distinctiveness (read style) in contemporary kitchens. And there are many keys on the contrast key chain: light and dark, various natural materials such as metal, wood, glass and stone, light and space, all of which need to work together to write the visual symphony that defines modern kitchen design.

In this post we’re going to single out two of these keys in particular – wood and stone. As natural materials found together the world over, and as old as time itself, it seems only logical that contemporary designers would seek to combine these magnificent materials as they orchestrate the aesthetics of the modern kitchen.

Source: Technistone, Private residence

Adding wooden bars to quartz counters is a way to accentuate the natural, synergetic beauty of both materials while creating a visual dynamism that is at once graceful, elegant and chic.

Source: Technistone, Showroom

Wood and stone, together with other essential elements of contrast, such as light and dark, as can be seen above, adds even greater energy and sophistication to the interplay of visual stimuli.

Source: Technistone, Private residence

Wooden backstops and shelving together with a quartz countertop can also work wonderfully to add elements of style at once subtly formal, slightly somber and deep while displaying the lighter, transformative side of a minimalism bordering on true Scandinavian style.

Source: Sticks & Stones, Private residence

Here, wooden cabinets as well as a hearty, massive wooden bar extension of the stone countertop combined with stone tiling on the backstop and as trip create a chic space that still manages to be homey, inviting, cozy and warm, without giving up an iota of personal class and style.

Source: Technistone, Private residence

Of course, when it comes to the harmonies inherent in mixing and matching wood and stone, light and dark are fundamentals, as well as the nature of the space itself. In this example, wooden tables and paneling and quartz countertops pull a rich warmth from the interplay of white cabinets, walls and natural light in this open kitchen living room space.

Source: Technistone

Finally, simplicity is genius as evident in this minimalist example utilizing white quartz with wood and the clean purity of white itself to define elegance and sophistication in this corporate office kitchen design. When it comes to wood and stone and the idea of contrast itself, the possibilities are limitless. Let your imagination run wild. Think Technistone®!