The Look of Today’s White Kitchens

Who wouldn’t want an interior that is beautiful, timeless, and yet still modern? The synonym for that is a white kitchen. A white kitchen might seem impractical to some people, but most of us will love it’i. Where does its charm come from?

White Kitchens Are Trendy

A white kitchen is a classic that never goes out of style. Even though white is one of the most popular colours for kitchens, it doesn’t feel dated. On the contrary, it’s a current trend in interior design. Those who love modern style, but also those who want a timeless classic, will appreciate a white kitchen.

White is a neutral colour that is easy to combine with others. It looks great in combination with dark shades, natural wood, or exposed concrete surfaces. However, a white kitchen can support even wilder colour combinations and patterns.

White Can Come in Many Colours

While that statement may seem like nonsense, it really is true. There are more than 100 shades of white — from alpine or polar white, to cream-colour, and on to magnolia white with pink undertones. A white kitchen can make a cool impression if you use white with grey or blue tones, or you can warm it up by adding tints of yellow or pink. You can further enhance the overall impression by choosing the appropriate accessories

This interesting light fixture gives a white kitchen distinctive style. The kitchen’s countertop in Noble Supreme White notably brightens up the entire interior space.

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Are Matte White or Glossy White Kitchens More Practical?

Despite their popularity, white kitchens still face a number of prejudices. The most common one is that they are difficult to maintain. However, this doesn’t have to be true if you choose high-quality materials. Many of them offer resistant finishes that won’t show the handprints of even the most careless child.

Glossy White Kitchens

A shiny white kitchen is often said to be difficult to clean. But it will have a really luxurious and timeless feel, and thanks to how it reflects light, it can make a small space look larger. Many people are put off by the thought of constant polishing. However, the fact is that you won’t see any minor dirt on a glossy surface. Klára and Radka, for example, know this and have literally fallen in love with their white kitchens.

Glossy white kitchens look good combined with a marble-textured countertop, which gives an impression of casual luxury. Engineered stone from Technistone offers a range of decors to choose from for fans of the typical marble veining, but also for those who prefer a more subtle pattern.

Matte White Kitchens

Matte white gives a velvety impression compared to an energetic, glossy sheen. It doesn’t have the sterile look that fans of white kitchens sometimes struggle with. Those who love peace and quiet in their homes appreciate the way it refracts light and blends into the surface of their kitchen cabinets. Matte white is particularly suited for use with natural materials and works beautifully in a Scandinavian or rustic interior.

How to Choose the Countertop for a White Kitchen?

White doors on kitchen cabinets demand the appropriate, high-quality hardware and a beautiful countertop. Today we have many options, and almost all of them will suit a white kitchen well.

  • Countertops made from laminated particle board are the cheapest option, but their surface layer can quickly begin to flake off. There are a wide variety of colours on offer that will liven up a white kitchen.
  • Solid wood countertops give a white kitchen a homey warmth. Their most attractive feature is their natural wood-grain, but you have to pay attention to proper maintenance.
  • Countertops of natural stone are most often made from marble or granite. These materials stand out, especially in a gloss-white kitchen, giving it a luxurious look. Take their high price into account if you intend to use them.
  • Ceramic countertops are popular because of their resistance to high temperatures. They come in many different colours and can be used in a white kitchen of any style.
  • Kitchen countertops of engineered stone have become very popular in recent years. They offer the look of natural stone and also excellent technical qualities. Engineered stone is non-porous, so it is particularly suitable for installation of an undermount sink, which doesn’t interfere with the clean design of a white kitchen and makes daily clean-up easier at the same time.

The combination of natural wood and blue accents will suit a white kitchen well.

The Most Popular Styles of White Kitchens

A white kitchen forms a neutral background that allows for limitless combinations with other materials. Simply by changing a kitchen countertop or a light fixture, you can achieve a completely different look. Minimalist, Scandinavian, and rustic looks are currently among the most popular styles of kitchens.

Minimalist White Kitchens

Cabinets that reach to the ceiling, modern, functional appliances, an open design, and a minimum of accessories are the main elements of a minimalist white kitchen. Picture glossy white surfaces, a kitchen countertop made from engineered stone or another luxury material, and lighting that sets the scene for preparing a menu fit for a first-class restaurant.

Scandinavian White Kitchens

If you want to have a white kitchen in a Scandinavian style in your home, look for simple lines and combinations of wood and other natural materials. The kitchen has to be pleasant to look at, but also practical. You won’t find rich decorations or a large number of accessories here, but textiles and muted colours make this kind of kitchen cozy.

Rustic White Kitchens

A rustic white kitchen takes us back to early days, when the kitchen was truly the heart of a home. Here we find wood and metal accessories, and shelves often hang on the walls instead of cabinets. A countertop in a terazzo decor, whose typical grain catches the eye at first glance, stands out in such a kitchen. The functional properties TechniStone® engineered stone provides in addition to its distinctive decors are impressive, especially its durability and ease of maintenance.

White Kitchens in a Provençal Style

Lovers of decorative details, lots of accessories — and lavender — will be captivated by a white Provençal-style kitchen. Combine matte white cabinetry with pastel green, blue, purple, or beige colours, add a few copper pans, and enjoy the atmosphere of a long summer evening in the French countryside.

Glamourous White Kitchens

If you’re not averse to conspicuous glamour, add some modern glitz to your white kitchen. Marble-veined countertops, gold accessories, striking chandeliers, and velvet-upholstered chairs can all help.

White Kitchens Made to Measure

It often happens that there is not enough room in a new apartment for a traditional kitchen, or it is necessary to fit all its functions into an odd-shaped space. In that case, look for a carpenter who can help you install a customized kitchen. Made-to-measure kitchens are very popular when an atypical or too-small space needs to be optically enlarged and brightened. The colour white is ideal for that purpose. With a custom kitchen, you also have the opportunity to arrange the working space to your liking and to add appliances and various gadgets that will make your everyday tasks easier.

What Colour Combinations Go Best in a White Kitchen?

A white kitchen is like a painter’s canvas or a blank piece of paper. It gives you room for creativity. You can arrange it exactly as you like to fit your needs and reflect your tastes.

White kitchens combined with black are very popular. You can use black on the countertop, on the tiling of a backsplash, on door handles, and on water faucets. A high-contrast combination like that may not be for everyone, though. A more subtle combination of white with anthracite or a whole range of other grey tones is an alternative for those who are not fond of sharp colour gradients.

White kitchens look great when combined with pastel colours. Blue, green, or even pink and purple recall the retro atmosphere of the films of the 1960s. But you don’t need to fear using more saturated colours either, which have become very trendy in recent years. Various shades of blue and green are enjoying huge popularity and lend a glamourous 1970s look to an interior.

Metal Accessories Stand Out in a White Kitchen

Water faucets, door handles, and appliances are important elements of any kitchen. We can think of them not only as practical devices, but also as stylish accessories. You won’t spoil anything by using ordinary stainless-steel items, but a white kitchen can accommodate gold and copper ones as well. One recent trend is pink gold, which adds a romantic touch to a kitchen.

Moreover, combining different-coloured metals in one kitchen works surprisingly well. Stainless steel appliances, gold faucets, and a copper-wire wastebasket? A white kitchen in a minimalist style can handle that eclectic combination.

A White Kitchen Doesn’t Mean a Sterile Look

A “clinical look” is an expression that comes up frequently in discussion about white kitchens. They don’t have to give that impression, though, if you pay attention to the choice of appropriate accessories. A kitchen offers surprisingly many opportunities to use things that look good and yet preserve their functionality.

  • Open shelves have been finding their way into kitchens in the past few years. Their slight chaos adds a bohemian touch and can break up a monolithic bank of kitchen cabinets. If you dread keeping open shelving tidy, try glass-front cabinets, which can also enliven a white kitchen.
  • Ladles, whisks, and other utensils can be hung under the upper cabinets so they are close at hand, making a white kitchen feel like a haven for a professional chef.
  • Fresh herbs growing in pots not only taste great, but also look great. Colourful flowerpots or tone-on-tone planters will brighten up any kitchen, white or not. However, be careful that they get enough light — if your kitchen does not have a window, you can install lamps designed especially for growing plants.
  • The backsplash behind the kitchen counter can serve as decoration in a white kitchen. Whether you go for colourful tiles, a glass panel, or engineered stone, your choice can influence the feel of the whole kitchen.
  • One important decorative element in a white kitchen is the kitchen countertop. Often it is the thing that draws the most attention to itself. Rely on durable materials that are adapted for use in the kitchen. For example, TechniStone® engineered stone is scratch- and stain-resistant and easy to maintain. Plus, it guarantees colour fastness, so the decor you choose will keep you happy for years.

Create Your White Kitchen with the Help of Accessories in White

Sometimes you can’t completely control the look of your kitchen. Lease terms, limited finances, or lack of space may be obstacles. But if you long for a white kitchen, you can still create one with the help of white-coloured accessories. White dishes, a white tablecloth, and white curtains can give even the darkest kitchen a soft and sophisticated look.

The current styles of white kitchens are very diverse. The key to making a kitchen that will serve you well is using quality materials that will last for many long years. Fine-tune your personal style with chic accessories and enjoy preparing exceptional treats in a kitchen that is truly the heart of your home.

A white kitchen can be unobtrusive but still elegant, becoming an attractive feature of a living room. You won’t have to go far for a cup of tea.