The sublime beauty of contrast: trends in kitchen design (part 1)

The kitchen is the true heart of every home, a utilitarian space that brings both family and friends together. The look and feel of your kitchen, its functionality, style and warmth, make a strong statement about who you are as a person, as a family, your values and thoughts. So, if you’re thinking about a complete remodeling of your existing kitchen, planning your new home or apartment or just looking to refresh one of your favorite spaces, we’re here to present you with a veritable cornucopia of inspiration regarding the latest trends in cutting-edge kitchen design.

Sleek finishes and enervating contrasts One of the leading trends in kitchen design this year is the use of simple contrast.

Nobel Imperial Grey kitchen countertop – Cigler Home Design

Sleek stone countertops of Technistone® Noble Imperial Grey with integrated induction cooktops create a smooth, seamless feel. The effective use of space and light combined with the natural beauty of quartz define this open plan kitchen as elegant and extremely practical at the same time. Highly scratch resistant, highly bacterial resistant, non-porous, waterproof, stain resistant and made of sublimely beautiful natural materials, Technistone® Noble Imperial Grey brings both extremely long life and the ultimate in urban glamour to your kitchen.

Clean lines for clean living

Crystal Diamond kitchen countertops – private villa, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai

Dating back to the Renaissance, the idea of chiaroscuro is an Italian term meaning light-dark. It’s today’s modern kitchens, the use of this simple but effective concept, contrasting the natural beauty of stone surfaces, with cabinets, flooring and appliances, adds at once a subtle sense of drama, and a certain refinement, without darkening your kitchen.

Crystal Diamond kitchen countertop detail – private villa, Palm Jumeriah, Dubai

The highly polished, reflective qualities of Crystal Diamond in this private villa in Palm Jumeriah, Dubai see light more reflected than absorbed, making this kitchen radiant with a subtle warmth that exudes the comfort of home.

Noble Concrete Grey kitchen countertop –  Iceland

People are falling in love with the idea of keeping it simple. Amid the clutter and frenzied pace of our modern lives, straight clean lines allude to a sense of refinement that is the new face of luxury living. When going for a more delicate feel, in tune with light and nature, Noble Concrete Grey is used as intermediary between the black and white cabinets that diffuses the color of the ambient light to allow this kitchen made by the local fabricator Granitsmidjan company, Iceland to highlight the clean style of northern living.