The sublime beauty of contrast: trends in kitchen design (part 2)

Combining classic and modern Whether you’re seeking a more Scandinavian look, with clean lines and a true sense of functional minimalism, of something that gives off a well understood modern feel, the room for kitchen creativity when playing around with the ideas behind light light-dark contrasts are nearly endless. In this delightful example you can see how a kitchen design using TechniStone Nobel Pietra Grey countertops and an extended backsplash, sought to balance minimalist austerity and its inherent aesthetic, with a slightly modern twist using lightly molded cabinetry, copious lighting, abundant space and natural wooden parquet floors to create a warm elegance.

Noble Pietra Grey kitchen countertops – private residence

Yet when taken even further, here you can see a kitchen design that looks toward a more traditional, colonial American feel. The use of Nobel Imperial Grey kitchen counters for both the workspace and casual dining, combined with the lightly molded white cabinets, silver drawer handles and silver painted trim create a space that is taking the light-dark concept to a level of formal elegance that hints at both the past and the future.

Noble Imperial Grey kitchen countertops – private residence

Tradition and taste are elevated to the fore of this contemporary design, accentuated by the beautiful natural, flowing lines of Nobel Imperial Grey. Impressions of permanence, stability, and tradition transform this kitchen space and its understated yet strong sense of “home is where the heart is” into a modern elegance that points to both past and future.


To sum up this post then, some of the most beloved trends in modern kitchen design take their simple inspiration from the ancient Renaissance idea of chiaroscuro. The balancing of light and dark is a wonder filled playground for the imagination, from sleek finishes to enlivening contrasts that promote both a sense of serenity and subtle drama, to the sharp, clean lines of functionalist minimalism that emanate contemporary style and taste, and on to the refined yet traditional combination of the classic and modern, the fresh, crisp, natural interplay of light and dark in today’s kitchen brings the human and the natural world together in perfect harmony. It’s all up to your imagination.