The Technistone competition for the best kitchen design with an island is over!

Read our interview with the winner, interior designer Joanna Mórawská

Human creativity, innovation and vision are the driving forces that overcome obstacles and push boundaries. Every day an opportunity can arise to change our lives for the better. One such significant opportunity was a competition organized by Technistone, which already has a winner – Joanna Mórawská.

Interior design is an endless well of inspiration and an opportunity to realize your own dreams. Architects and designers are artists who are able to materialize the ideas and wishes of their clients. The competition, which took place in Poland, allowed interior design creatives to create 3D visualizations using their own imagination. The goal was to create a kitchen design with a kitchen island using Technistone® material. A wide range of decors were available to the determined enthusiasts. As well as satisfying the competitive spirit, the attraction was the prize of a cash prize and a year’s subscription to interior design magazines Elle Decoration and Label.o wnętrzach i designie – Elle Decoration oraz Label.

All the designs passed through the hands of experienced professionals, who judged the imaginative nature, the clients’ current requirements for modern living, as well as the practical use of materials. The finalists were selected by the designers at HOUSE LOVES STUDIO, Karolina Zagrodzka. Krzysztof Miruć, architect of L’AB Architekci and presenter of HGTV. Krzysztof Piotrowski, director of Technistone Polska. The selection of the winning design was very difficult. No detail of the design was left out, because the individual details make up the whole. Three talented women with dynamic imagination and attention to detail stood on the podium. First prize went to Joanna Mórawska, second place went to Alicja Nowocień and third place to Karolina Romaniuk.

The winner, architect Joanna Mórawska, runs the Geometria Design Studio in Poland. She designs residential interiors. When creating designs, she focuses mainly on interior functionality and partial details. You can learn more about this talented architect in our interview.

Q. Where did you learn about the competition, and what made you want to participate in it?

A. I found out about the competition through social media. What made me want to participate was the desire to test my skills. The opportunity to create a project that presents a certain challenge from the beginning and leads to the stimulation of creative thinking and awareness of one’s own abilities.

Q. Were you familiar with the Technistone® material before the competition? Do you use it in your projects?

A. I have known Technistone® materials for a long time, I often use them in interior design for private investors in the form of kitchen or bathroom countertops. The wide range of textures and decors provides many possibilities for use. What I appreciate most about Technistone® materials are the very good qualities such as high resistance to damage, durability and easy cleaning.

Q. What decor did you use in your visualization?

A. I chose Noble Arco. The texture of the stone fits perfectly with the nature-inspired design. It highlights the soul of the interior, whose beauty comes from its simplicity.

Q. What inspired you to design the competition kitchen? Do you intend to realize this project?

A. When designing, I wanted to show that Technistone® has a wide range of finishing possibilities. I created a kitchen interior design that goes beyond the template of certain standards. We often forget that the kitchen is an integral part of any home that can beautify our apartment with an interesting design concept. Functionality, durable materials and aesthetics form the basis of every kitchen. When working on this design, I focused on highlighting the nobility of the Technistone® material. The structures used in the project refer to the beauty of the natural world. I would love to see the project realized in the future.

Q. How long did it take to work on this visualization?

A. The project took several days to complete. I was inspired by the Noble Arco decor. I was captivated by its stone texture and timeless look. The next phase was the creative process. I started making sketches. I was looking for a suitable form and composition. I wanted the end result to surprise and at the same time create a unified whole.

Q. What are your favorite materials used in your work and why?

A. When choosing materials, I pay particular attention to their durability. Quality products give me confidence that they will still look good despite the passage of time. Their beauty comes from their simplicity and they fit into any interior.w projekcie struktury nawiązują do piękna świata natury. Chciałabym, aby projekt został

Q. What’s your favorite project? What made it so special?

A. Every project is important to me because it stimulates development. I approach all tasks very individually. The main prerequisite in design work is to create an interior suitable for comfortable living. People are my biggest inspiration. Each of us leads a different lifestyle. Our requirements and needs are very different. The most important thing is that the future inhabitants feel comfortable in their space.

Q. Can you tell us what the competition has brought you?

A. Winning the competition was a pleasant surprise and a huge motivation for me to continue working on my confidence.