The Tomulewicz Family of Stonemasons: Honoring Tradition Since 1978

The multi-generational family firm Tomulewicz has provided professional stonework since 1978. Its years of experience in the industry, the high quality of its services, and its professional approach to its work is appreciated by its hundreds of customers, mainly in the area of Białystok, Poland. The company also provides stonework services in other parts of Poland and abroad.

The company was founded in the 1970s by Eliasz Tomulewicz. Today his son Karol is continuing his father’s tradition, taking care to maintain the quality of the company’s services. Karol is constantly developing and improving them so that the Tomulewicz stoneworks can meet the expectations of its most demanding customers. The company’s offering includes the usual types of stonework, work on modest projects with a small budget, and also special hand-crafted projects that can be considered real works of art.

Expanding the Range of Stonework Services

Karol says that the company has considerably expanded and developed since it started. “In the beginning, we worked only on religious objects, but considering how quickly the construction industry was growing, we decided to offer our services to other customers. Clients kept coming to us with requests to fabricate staircases and kitchen countertops.” Nowadays customers can rely on the Tomulewicz stoneworks if they want to build internal or external windowsills, kitchen and bathroom countertops, staircases, and many more things. Their offering includes a wide range of stone materials like granite, marble, marble conglomerates, and engineered stone.

Popular Engineered Stone

Engineered stone is very popular in Poland, especially for making kitchen countertops. “These days we make about 90 percent of our kitchen countertops out of stone conglomerates. The rest are granite, marble, and other natural stone. In the past we mainly worked with granite and marble, but in recent years we have noticed that engineered stone is beginning to overtake the other materials.”

Conglomerates Versus the Alternatives

What are the advantages of engineered stone compared to the alternatives, at least as far as durability goes? “Compared to other natural materials, conglomerates (engineered stone) have a significant advantage because they do not need to be impregnated.  They are very resistant to scratching and much more durable than marble, for example. One undisputed advantage for our customers is also that they can choose the color and texture that they want.”

As for engineered stone from Technistone, some of the most requested decors are Noble Carrara and Crystal Calacatta Silva. Noble Quartzite, Pearl Alba, and Ambiente Light are also popular as well.

Their Newest Project with TechniStone®

The Tomulewicz stoneworks cooperated on a recent project with the designer Marta, the owner of the TILO design studio, in which they used the Noble Quartzite design. Marta has fallen in love with TechniStone®. “I chose to use TechniStone® in my own home without any hesitation, because I have confidence in that brand. From their wide range of products, I finally chose Noble Quartzite with an unpolished finish. The matt surface gives the material a modern look and the actual installation turned out better than I had imagined. Moreover, it doesn’t limit my possibilities for furnishing the remaining free space in my dining room, living room, hall and also the home office I use for the TILO design studio.”

Today’s Clients Want Quality and Fast Work

Quality materials and precision work are not everything in the twenty-first century. Karol believes that what his clients want and need from his firm has changed a bit. Today they are also looking for rapid installation. “Today quality is not enough, the customers also want fast delivery. From that standpoint, our employees are simply irreplaceable. They are people who have years of experience in stone fabrication. They take care not only to produce a quality product but also to do it quickly.

Meticulousness and an Individualized Approach as the Basis for Success

For Karol, every new project is a new challenge and he is always looking for new experiences. “We approach every project individually and carry it out with due care. Since the company was founded, we’ve completed many different projects and look forward to more. I will say without modesty that we are still looking for a project that will be difficult for us.”

You can see the excellent work of the Tomulewicz stoneworks on their web pages or on their social media.

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