The Winter Cottage of Your Dreams

Do you have a winter cottage that’s the perfect getaway in these colder months? Are you looking to inject a little extra style, or an entire revamp? Even if you don’t have your own cosy country abode, these winter cottage tips are sure to give you some interior inspiration. Light the candles, snuggle up and read all about how to get that perfect contemporary winter cottage style.


Gather round the fireplace

One of the best places in any cottage is the fireplace. Highlight the warm heart of your abode, where everyone gathers together. Draw armchairs draped with soft blankets close, lay a thick rug in front, and line candles on the mantle to create an inviting spot. You’ll never want to leave!


Technistone® Gobi Urban and Christmas branchwith with candle and candy

Flickering candlelight instantly gives your interior a warm, cosy glow. Use white lanterns to create a magical atmosphere. (Technistone® Gobi Urban)


Warming copper

Create a modern feel, while keeping that cottage atmosphere, with copper accents. This can simply be copper tea light holders placed on the windowsill and hanging gorgeous copper pots from the kitchen ceiling. Or, you can revamp with warm-toned light fixtures and install an elegant copper kitchen sink. It’s all about those details!

Candlelight glow

There’s nothing like flickering candlelight to make your home feel extra cosy, especially when the snow is falling outside. Collect white candles of varying heights and thicknesses on trays dotted around the living room for pockets of glow, or place sparkling tea lights on the dining table to create the perfect setting for a winter feast. And don’t forget the exterior! Set lanterns at your doorstep for a wonderfully inviting atmosphere.


Bar stools and kitchen countertop

The crisp clean lines of Technistone® Crystal Absolute White and minimalist white walls work perfectly with wood cabinets, windows and floor – and it’s the ideal way to showcase the beautiful scenery outside.


Accentuate the view

Snow-laden pines, rugged mountain slopes, and sweeping valleys. Whatever the view outside your winter cottage, it’s sure to be beautiful, and one of the reasons you love it so much. So, it makes sense to make the most of that scenery. Make your windows larger and where possible, extend to the floor. Not only does it let more light in, but you can enjoy the vista even more than before.

Mixing whites and creams

When we think of decorating for winter, certain colours spring to mind – deep reds and burgundies, forest greens and jewel tones. These are all wonderful, but for a more contemporary cottage look, go light and bright. Whites complement the snowy landscape outside, and cream tones are a great option for a softer look. Either choose all white furniture and kitchen countertops, or introduce throws and pillows to lighten your interior.


Technistone® Crystal Calacatta Silva and Christmas branchwith with gift

A flourish of greenery with a touch of sparkle is a simple yet effective way to decorate your winter cottage. (Technistone® Crystal Calacatta Silva)


Nature indoors

We all love a vase of fresh cut flowers. You can still get the same feel by bringing seasonal nature into your cottage. On your bracing country walk, collect pinecones and pine branches, twigs of berries, and holly. Arrange in a vase as you would with flowers, or craft a wreath to hang on your door. Put the pine cones in a jar with fairy lights for a whimsical decoration.

Classic wood

To get that classic cottage style, wood is the way to go. If you embrace it full on with wall to ceiling panelling, don’t forget to add accents to compliment (like those copper metallic details we mentioned earlier), so it’s not too overwhelming. If you have beams, make them a feature with fresh cream paint on the walls.


Walls inside the cottage


Soft furnishings

Add to the warmth of your décor by using thick quilts, chunky knitted throws and faux fur blankets. Drape on chairs and the back of the sofa, so you can snuggle up and get cosy wherever you are. Use contrasting fabrics and textures for a rich, layered effect.


Are you heading to a winter cottage this festive season? Or are you cosying up at home with a staycation? Whatever your plans, you can create the interior of dreams with tips on