These Two Kitchens Are Almost Identical. They Use Similar Materials — Can You Find the Differences?

Has it ever happened to you that your kitchen so impressed your friends that they decided they had to have one like it in their own home? The Hungarian designer Lili Pataki has had that experience. Her friend liked her kitchen so much that she asked Lili to create nearly the identical design for her! Let’s take a look at the little differences that came about in the process of adapting Lili’s design to a larger room. 


The Important Thing is Maintaining the Authenticity of the Space

The young Hungarian designer Lili Pataki has devoted several years to interior design in association with her mother, Judit Pataki. Together they founded the design studio Decoreyes. “The special signature of our designs is a functional interior that uses quality materials. It’s important to maintain the atmosphere of the space. We try to reflect the personality of our clients in our designs.” The designers say that was easy in this case, because they have known their friend for many years. 

Not One Centimetre Goes to Waste

Lili Pataki designed her own kitchen to take advantage of every centimetre of it. The 180cm-long island with a rounded end makes the kitchen more interesting and provides it with additional workspace. The cabinet doors are made with a beaded veneer. ‘I wanted to break up the whiteness of the kitchen elements a bit. Double-door cabinets with metal frames helped me to do that, as did hiding a built-in range hood behind functional doors, which added even more storage space’, explains the designer. The countertop is made from TechniStone® material in elegant Noble Supreme White, with a two-centimetre thickness and a glossy finish. 


The kitchen has a modern, functionalist spirit. It uses white, black, and natural colours, thanks to which it makes a rather formal impression. 

The Same, but Bigger

The kitchen area is part of the living room, which has a lovely view over the town centre. Naturally, the larger space had to be filled somehow. Lili and Judith maintained the look of her own kitchen, with its functional style, its use of quality materials, and the rounded end of its kitchen island. ‘I lengthened the island by 70 cm and added glass-front cabinets to it that correspond with the nearly identical upper cabinets behind. Another feature of the island is an induction cooktop with a built-in hood, which saved a lot of space’, adds designers. 


Both kitchens have an airy look thanks to the open shelves hung on white walls. The backsplash is covered in porcelain tiles with a subtle texture. 

TechniStone® Material Was an Obvious Choice

 ‘We often use TechniStone® material in our kitchens and bathrooms. The interesting decors give any space a luxurious appearance. The material is resistant to scratches and is non-porous and safe for contact with food items’, state the designers, with appreciation for the quality and beauty of TechniStone®.