They acknowledged quality materials and practicality. The newlywed’s nest boasts wood and stone countertops in the kitchen

The reconstruction of the apartment was created out of love, which the young newlyweds gifted themselves for their wedding. The result cleverly combines the different ideas of both partners and shows off authentic materials. We can especially notice wood and the Technistone® kitchen worktop in a generously designed kitchen for the cooking enthusiast.

“The reconstruction of the entire apartment was really thorough,” says architect Eva Eisereichová from the FOREVA architects studio, “because it was necessary to completely redesign the original completely unsatisfactory layout. In addition, the client wanted the core of the whole apartment to be primarily the kitchen, instead of the living room, as most people prefer. It is now situated in a quiet and flexible position, which also allows alternative uses, such as a guest room. ”

Photo ©Jiří Ernest

A significant element of the whole home is wood. The original oak parquet floors have been restored and their pattern has been repeated in several other places to unify the interior as a whole. The impression of the uniformity was mainly due to the wooden supporting beam made of the same material as the floor, which passes from the kitchen to the living room and connects these spaces optically and in terms of light.

Photo ©Jiří Ernest

“Oak is repeated on tall kitchen cabinets with built-in appliances, on the dining table top, cabinets in the living room and bathroom, the ceiling in the hallway, but also on small elements such as window sills or cabinet handles,” adds Eva Eisenreich.

Photo ©Jiří Ernest

The whole interior gives a balanced impression, yet in the beginning it was necessary to find a compromise for the different ideas of both partners. “Paradoxically, the client wanted a rather minimalist look and her husband favors a more ornate aesthetic,” says Eva. “That’s why we assumed the modern hexagonal shape for the tiles, where the composition alternates between monochrome and those with an ornamental pattern. This goes well with the entire concept and makes the furniture stand out without giving it a kitschy appearance. In this case, the complementary color is turquoise, which the clients fell in love with and bought the decorations themselves in the color palette that is given when making preparations.”

Another requirement was the practicality of all the materials used, on which the architects placed special emphasis. “The kitchen has practical tiles in the busiest places and is organically connected to the parquet floors on the edge of the kitchen and dining room. Under the dining table there is already a warm wooden floor. We used a washable concrete trowel on the wall in several rooms, but mainly in the bathroom, “explains Eva.

However, above all the client is a passionate cook and spends a lot of time cooking. Therefore, the kitchen was crucial for her and the kitchen fittings required a durable, easy to maintain and clean setting. “We considered several variants for the kitchen countertop, including wood, but in the end we agreed on a Technistone® worktop, using two shades of satin finish. For the line itself, the shade Elegance Eco Ash and for the island of Crystal Absolute White, because on the part of our studio we wanted it to be really snow white. The island was supposed to look like a free-standing pure white cube in the middle of the kitchen, and only the Technistone® color range could meet this requirement.”

Photo ©Jiří Ernest

However, color and practicality were not the only criteria for a perfect worktop. The details make up the whole, and because of this the studio took great care of them, they left nothing to chance. not even the sink. “Sinks under the countertop are very difficult to connect, it is difficult to cover the details nicely so that they connect inconspicuously to the kitchen unit, and due to the joints they are usually difficult to maintain. Thanks to Technistone®, we were able to solve it elegantly, because it is made of the same material as the board, including the grooves on the drip surface,” Eva Eisenreich praises its practical versatility. “There is an integrated wireless charger in the worktop of the island, so the kitchen also meets modern technological trends,” she adds.

The occupants themselves cannot praise the kitchen fittings enough. The studio has fulfilled their long-term dream of a profiled kitchen door, and the kitchen perfectly meets the much-needed practicality and durability.

“Technistone® was a really great choice. Regrettably, after some time our client had an accident and a heavy cast iron pot fell on the line, which chipped off the corner of the worktop of the sink, the company was able to replace and seal it. The repair effectively covered the damage and the   countertop is like new and still looks great.”

The architectural studio FOREVA architects was founded by Eva Eisenreichová three years ago with her college friend Soňa Formanová. Not only interior design projects, but also family houses and public spaces soon appeared on the studio’s portfolio, for example they can also be proud, of winning the competition for the design of the Municipal Library in Přelouč. Within the studio, they partner with other architects. The architect Ondřej Žák also took part in the realization of the newlywed’s nest, and he deserves a big THANK YOU for his cooperation in fine-tuning the perfect details.