Three Views of Perfection

Three Views of Perfection

Three new TechniStone® engineered stone designs. Each one is completely different, unique and perfect in its own way. And what is the story of the new members of the Technistone family?

Just as you must first get to know the human soul in person, the best way to feel the soul of a stone is by touch. The soft velvet surface comes alive under your fingers; your vision gives it shape and your home character.

Crystal Steel, Noble Quartzite and Metropole Nero – three new products that expand the TechniStone® decor line in 2022.

Crystal Steel – The strength of steel in a fragile package

Its silky gray design seems to beg to be touched. No, he doesn’t want to be alone; he loves the city, the hustle and bustle and life. He likes to be in the center of the action. He has the courage to stand up for his opinions and can assert himself among the crowds. Crystal Steel is our steely hero with a fragile heart. If you too are a lover of the big city atmosphere, love to dance in the light of its opportunities and long to find balance in life, your heart will sing when you see this decor.

The industrial allure of Crystal Steel decor attracts strong natures and daredevils who hide their fragility under a tough metal skin.

Noble Quartzite a gentle gentleman in a gray coat

For romantics seeking understanding and tender treatment. Home is everything to them, they love it and cherish it with love every day. Noble Quartzite will brighten even dark corners and heal old wounds. Give it a chance to shine in your life project called “the perfect home”.

Natural boho style with Noble Quartzite will be loved by eternal dreamers who long to bathe their interiors in sunshine.

Metropole Nero a play of shadows in the black veil of the night

Don’t be afraid of the shadows, it’s a sign that light is nearby. You don’t always trust everything and everyone? That’s all right. Metropole Nero would like to earn your trust. He’s not afraid of a challenge. He respects people who know what they want. Conquer your interior and give it a clear expression with Metropole Nero. Perfection is not a pretentious “pretentiousness”, it’s a dream that turns into reality through tremendous effort.

Metropole Nero delivers futuristic design for visionaries who know and want to live differently from everyone else.

Which of the decors is your favorite?

Let us know what feeling the soulful stone designs evoke in you.