Stone With Soul - Crystal Calacatta Silva

Touch the living perfection

Touch the living perfection

The new Stone With Soul communication concept

Stone, at first sight a cold element without zest, a material for buildings and architectural works, a symbol of lifelessness. But is it really? Or is it just a misperception, an ingrained dogma that deludes our senses? Perhaps our own perception is merely a burden that prevents us from entering a living world full of colours, patterns, shapes and lines. Stones are attributed with magical powers, they hold the secrets and wisdom of the ages, they personify strength, courage, willfulness and perseverance on the long journey through the centuries leading to our homes. They are the personification of the stories, the engraved secrets, the hidden desires. Listen and get to know the hidden soul of engineered stone.

Crystal Calacatta Silva - Stone With Soul

Perfect, magical, sensual, mysterious. This is the soul of Technistone® engineered stone (Crystal Calacatta Silva, Technistone®)

Stone as a symbol of living perfection

Imagine the stone as the source of life. Life born from the beauty of experience. Each one is unique, its charm captivates, its soul caresses. With its genuineness, sensual lightness, playfulness and captivating nature, it conjures up a space with an irresistible atmosphere imbued with an alluring mystery.  It varies in pattern, colour, thickness and shape, but its purity of character and endurance remain constant.  What would his face look like, perceiving, experiencing and feeling? The new concept of Soul With Stone brings an unconventional view of Technistone® engineered stone as a symbol of living perfection – an invisible force that surrounds us and constantly moves us forward.

The soul of the stone hides many forms, both the feminine and the masculine element. Feel with your heart, you will see the beauty coming from within.  (Pearl Delta, Technistone®)

Starring the Soul of Stone

Why do we love stories? Because they bring emotions, motivate us to think and become anchored not only in our minds but also in our hearts. The marketing agency Justmighty, made up of young and talented people, creates stories etched in memory and that bring out a certain message, such as Stone With Soul. It tells the story of a soul in stone that, with love and care, turns a house into a home – a harmonious place where we feel at peace and safe.   “I always enjoy bringing an idea or thought to reality. The director has a vision that consists of many desperate details. Each piece of this conceptual puzzle is handled by an individual expert in that particular field. In total, 25 people from different areas of production and manufacturing helped breathe a soul into the Technistone® hardened stone”, explains scriptwriter and director Jan Kolář.   “We are thrilled with the result. We managed to create a premium-looking commercial with a clear message and idea that fits beautifully into the overall concept of Stone With Soul”, the director concludes.