Transform your interior with the seasons

There’s a crisp edge in the morning air, the sun is paling, and the trees are shrugging off their leaves. Autumn is coming and even if we’re basking in a sizzling Indian summer, we know the change is inevitable. Some find this coming season a sombre one – everything fading and falling away while we bid farewell the buzzing ‘aliveness’ of summer – but with autumn there’s so much to look forward to. Crunching through fallen leaves, cosying up in front of the fire and wrapping yourself in a heavenly soft blanket at the end of a long day are all some of life’s greatest pleasures. As the days shorten and the temperature dips, it’s time to make your home cosy and warm, to welcome the new season. We have several tips and insights into how – and why – interiors change with the seasons.


Technistone® Noble Collection, Noble Concrete Grey

Let the light in

During the summer, we adorn our gardens with twinkling lights, glowing lanterns and flickering candles. As it cools down and less time is spent outdoors, bring that magical atmosphere into your home. Create a warm atmosphere with candlelight – dot candles of varying sizes around a room and it instantly comes alive. A quick and easy way to transform your interior is give your light fixtures a makeover. Switch lampshades to rich, earthy tones, or move from cool metal hardware to brass or gold. It’s so simple, but light truly transforms the atmosphere of your living space. Looking for an even bigger impact? Create a fireplace to spread warmth throughout you home.


A fireplace instantly warms the hearth (Technistone®, Crystal Anthracite Pure)

Fall in love with colour

To reflect nature’s hues, tones become rich and warm in autumn. Deep claret, toasted rust and spicy mustard hues add rich layers to your interior. This side of the colour wheel is on trend this year, as we see a departure from cool greys and austere whites, so it’s a perfect way to move with the times as well as the season! Saturate an entire room to create a cocoon of colour, or simply splash shades to make accents pop. If you don’t want to dabble with darker tones, select the softer versions – blush, ecru and pale ochre give you that warmth, while keeping things subtle.


Snug furnishings

Summer fabrics are crisp, airy, and light. Cottons and linens reign supreme in pastel or primary colours. In autumn, it’s all about creating a warm nest that invites you in and envelops you. As for the fabric choice? For a sense of luxury, soft velvet is perfect and it especially glows in autumnal shades. Thick, chunky wools are ideal for the nature lover, and tweeds add a chic twist to any space. And don’t be afraid to mix fabrics, the combination of textures creates an inviting space you’ll want to curl up in during those cooler nights.


Accentuate with luxurious velvet for an inspiring interior transformation (Technistone®, Residente Dark)

Practical is in

Perhaps it’s a reaction to the pandemic, which caused us all to spend a record amount of time at home, but the more practical your space these days, the better. This sounds obvious, but it wasn’t that long ago that we were obsessing over open shelving for the kitchen, a trend which doesn’t pair with practicality at all. These days, we want to be able to easily tidy things away, without worrying whether our crockery matches the rest of our décor. Let’s stay in the kitchen, as this trend spills over onto counter tops. The award-winning interior designer Lonni Paul states: “Granite countertops are a thing of the past. Quartz is a great alternative to granite or marble because of its durability and ease of maintenance.”


Durable, sustainable and breath-taking Quartz


The key points to take away? Colour, texture and light are simple yet effective ways to create that warm, cosy feel for the autumnal vibe. And if you’re embracing the new practical trend and want to learn more about engineered stone and quartz, head over to and explore the exciting range.