Trendy Black Bathrooms That Add Style to an Interior

The bathroom is the place for hygiene, rest, and relaxation. Bathrooms are playing a more important role in modern interior design because we all know how important they are to our lifestyles. The top consideration is functionality, but we can’t overlook the aesthetic side of things either. You need to have smooth, flat surfaces with simple lines, natural materials, easy maintenance, and muted colors. Following these simple rules will turn an ordinary space into a unique, peaceful sanctuary in which you will feel at ease.

Modern Black Bathrooms

Like every other room in the house, modern bathrooms are influenced by design trends that change from year to year. As in 2022, interior designers have adopted light green, modern blue (a deep azure shade), and warm neutral tones as the colors of the year for 2023. Still, everyone agrees that colors like black, dark grey, and white are timeless and definitely belong in a modern bathroom. All you need to do is add a few practical elements, clever storage solutions, and modern technology and your designer bath is a reality! 

Black Bathrooms Are a Hit Now, But It Wasn’t Always That Way 

Bathrooms that take advantage of the color black have an elegant and luxurious look, but until recently black wasn’t a very popular color for bathrooms. The world of interior design is changing its mind, though. Thankfully, designers have reconsidered and given the green light to black. Black is now a major trend that is gaining steam and being used for tiling, vanity tops, floors, furniture, and distinctive accessories. Nevertheless, when you are thinking of a black bathroom, you need to proceed carefully and consider its design well. 

Interiors Where a Black Bathroom Works 

The ideal interior for a black bathroom is of course a well-lighted, spacious room, where black won’t feel oppressive and visually reduce the space. If the room has a large window, black will look magnificent. Even so, it’s very important to have appropriate artificial lighting, even in a bathroom with a big window. There is a huge number of stylish light fixtures you can choose from.  You can install powerful lights on the ceiling or something less bright on the walls. Adding lighting onto or under the cabinetry and on accessories will create an excellent design experience. 

Does a Smaller Black Bathroom Make Sense?

On the other hand, black is not too flattering in small spaces. Where space is limited, we advise against black tiling, so that the room doesn’t feel like a dungeon. However, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on the trend to black entirely. You can add distinctive black accents to a small bathroom that will give it a great look. For example, consider a black sink, faucets, or a black-framed mirror.  

Thoughtful Design for a Black Bathroom

Black optically shrinks an interior, and you always have to take that into account when designing and furnishing a black bathroom. The wrong accessories can have too dramatic an impact. Too many black surfaces will make the space seem small and give you a cramped feeling. So you have to be clever with black. We have one simple trick that will keep you from going wrong when you design your black bathroom. We recommend that the color black should take up no more than two-thirds of the space. Ideally, the rest should be filled with a complementary color that goes well with black. Contrasting tile finishes will also provide a unique look to a bathroom. 

Combinations That Are a Sure Thing in a Black Bathroom

Combining black with other colors can be risky, and that is especially true for bathrooms. Still, there are some tried and true combinations that will take your black bathroom to stylish heights. Snowy or creamy white, beige, and grey work well as complementary colors. If you are more daring, you can try combinations of black and red or black and pink.

Stone, steel, glass, and wood are excellent choices of materials. It is up to you how you want to use them in your bath. The combination of black and white with wood accents feels warm and cozy, while steel and glass give the room a modern and luxurious look. A few glass elements will make your bathroom feel lighter. A big mirror and glass-front cabinets will optically enlarge the room, and a glass shower enclosure will give a minimalist impression. A combination of black, stone, and steel will recreate the atmosphere of a luxurious home spa.  

The Advantages of a Black Bathroom

Without a doubt, one of the advantages of black is its timelessness and sophistication. Thanks to that, your bathroom won’t feel dated and go out of style. If it ever does, it can be revived with a few decorating tricks that won’t cost you a lot of money. Black bathrooms evoke the atmosphere of a wellness or spa that will calm your nerves after the hustle and bustle of a hard day at work. They are the ideal place for relaxation. If you opt for matt-finish tiles, you won’t see fingerprints on them as easily. 

The Bathtub as the Centerpiece of a Black Bathroom

Do you want to make your bathroom something everyone will admire? If you love taking long baths, we recommend a free-standing tub, which will naturally dominate the space and make it special. The contrast of black tiles and a white bathtub creates a perfect visual effect and will be a feast for the eyes. When you choose a bathtub, think mainly about how you will use it, and then position it so that you have the best possible view from it. A bathtub with a view will be a completely new and delightful experience for you. 

A Black Bathroom with an Innovative Shower 

If you prefer a shower stall or lack the space for a free-standing or corner bathtub, we have a great tip for you! Modern technology and innovation can make your time in the shower more enjoyable than ever. Many manufacturers offer faucets with bubblers that deliver a combination of air and water. They aerate the water and ensure its smooth flow without splashing about. The result is an economical, effervescent shower that will save both water and the planet. 

Modern Features for More than Just Your Black Bathroom 

One very popular modern touch is colored or muted backlighting, which nowadays you can add almost anywhere. You can accentuate the design of your bathtub, vanity top, sink, or cabinets. A really large backlighted mirror achieves a perfect effect, but even a smaller one will look beautiful as well. Circular and semi-circular designs that may take up an entire wall are very modern. 

Do you want to listen to your favorite song in the bath or relax to soothing sounds? Built-in speakers are going mainstream these days. They can be part of the bathtub or shower stall itself, or you can build them into the cabinets. Then all that’s needed for the perfect spa experience would be a jacuzzi or sauna.

Engineered Stone in Your Black Bathroom 

Engineered stone adds luxury to a black bathroom and gives it unique style. We can recommend engineered stone designs from Technistone that are very popular in bathrooms. You can take inspiration from our gallery and fall under the spell of TechniStone® yourself. 

Starlight Black

Starlight Black is a unique design with starry, glittering flecks, which suits any modern bathroom. It looks great in combination with glass and big mirrors. 

The Serenity Collection

The Serenity Collection includes beautiful veined black designs. Depending on the size and width of the veins, you can choose from among the Pearl Lava, Pearl Delta, and Pearl Rocca designs. We recommend combining them with our new, contrasting design Pearl Alba.   

Brilliant Black

Brilliant Black is the epitome of elegance and simple lines. It will be an excellent choice in any combination. 

Poetic Black

Poetic, modern, original. That’s Poetic Black. A black design with striking white veining that will enliven the interior of your bath.  

Metropole Nero

Metropole Nero is a timeless and unique dark grey design that perfectly suits a spacious bathroom in a big-city loft or a large family home. Its texture of fine visible grains is both elegant and minimalist at the same time. 

Have you fallen in love with the color black? Do you want it for your home’s interior? We have more tips and ideas for you, from which you can draw inspiration. Check out these articles: Residential Design: Follow the Path of Interior Design Trends 2022 and Modernism in the Classical Concept. They show how dark colors are beginning to come to the fore and the design world is embracing them. 

If you are looking for the perfect material for your finished design, take a look at our Technistone web pages. There you will find everything you need to know about engineered stone. We especially invite you to see our new designs in the Serenity and Noble collections. With them, you’ll always be trendy!