Tune your interior to the autumn beauty

Autumn is the king of all the seasons. The landscape is covered by romantic veils in the mornings and the evenings smell incredibly fresh. Do you enjoy having the sun on your back with colorful rustling leaves under your feet during the afternoon walk? Or do you like to skip puddles in the rubber boots and listen to rain drops that look amazing in the spider webs? Bring your outdoors atmosphere to your home. Bring your autumn colors into your interior.

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In the lead is orange, yellow, red and brown

As it gets cold outside, warm up with the colors at home. The autumn palette revolves around warm shades and red, orange, yellow, or brown tones come to the fore. Popular, for example, are mustard yellow, wine, carmine or chestnut. Just look out and get inspired with the changing nature and the overall atmosphere.

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The coziness will lift your mood

Get knit blankets and covers, pillows, rugs, window sheers and curtains, ideally solid or lustrous. Similar decorations give the autumn home the right style. In general, it is good to replace lightweight summer fabrics for the heavier ones. Pull out materials such as merino wool, mohair or velvet

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Buy candles

Autumn for the Dane people starts the high season of hygge. And if something really belongs to this philosophy, it’s candles. Although Danes are burning candles throughout the year, but why not join them in the autumn? A pleasant romantic atmosphere is guaranteed. Do not skimp on the light in general. If you do not have a proper lamp, chandelier or table lamp, it’s a perfect time to make a nice piece of this furniture.

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Place the fall aroma into the vase

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How does the autumn smell? To everyone in a little different way. In any case to this season for example belongs pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves or nutmeg. Not only in the meal, but also in the form of aromatic scents and scented candles. Enhance your home with any kind smell you like. It will help you calm your mind, relax your body after a busy day and switch to resting autumnal mode.