Pearl Lava countertop in the kitchen

Turn to the dark side – with your interior

We all know neutrals are a safe choice. It’s easier to go for any shade between eggshell white and vanilla milkshake. Maybe if we’re feeling brave we’ll select an ecru or taupe. Yes, this is all wonderfully safe and pleasant but doesn’t that sound, well, downright boring? Darker hues have become increasingly popular recently. Perhaps it’s the strange times of 2020, where we’ve spent more time in our homes than ever before and we want to inject a bit of life – a bit of bravery! – into our interiors. Whatever the reason, it’s time to throw out your misconceptions about dark interiors and take a step into a brave, new world. Or at the very least, a brave new home.

Here are some keys tips on making a dark interior work for you:


  1. Size doesn’t matter

It’s a common myth that you can only use black or dark colours in large spaces. The idea is to use light hues and mirrors to give the perception of space. But why not highlight the size of the room? If your room is already small, make it into a feature – for example an entirely black bathroom makes a statement and gives the space far more personality than if it was a generic cream colour. On the other hand, if you have a large room, darkening it creates a warmer, cosier atmosphere.

  1. Create contrast

Of course, the classic way to contrast is with black and white. This is a style which is timeless and you can really have fun with it. Black countertops, floors, and backsplash make white cabinets pop. But darker colours create contrast with other materials, too. Beautifully crafted wooden cabinets are complimented perfectly by a dark backdrop. Metallics sing when paired with moody shades. You can also add some thoughtfully placed brightly coloured décor to offset a black room.


Small space with a big personality (Technistone® Pearl Rocca)


  1. Make your décor stand out

Artefacts and framed pictures look stunning on a black wall. Something about the dark canvas makes art pop and draws your eye to each piece. It makes your décor the talking point, rather the wall holding it. As evening draws in, you can use lighting to create an inviting atmosphere, while shadows play along the velvety surface in sweeping shapes.

  1. Create cohesion

Tie a room together by using the same dark colour or material in a few different areas. Matt black window frames and bookcases are an exciting way to unify a room. With open plan kitchens, you can use the same dark stone used in the space for cooking as on the window sills and the dining table. The overall effect is cohesive, without being overly matching.


A focal point of clean design (Technistone® Pearl Lava)


  1. The star of the show

Make a dark accent the focal point of your space. Treat is as you would a patterned wallpaper, or an ornate tapestry. Use a beautiful dark stone for an entire wall in your entryway – not only will it be an impact for visitors, but it’s a thing of beauty you can admire every day, as you would a piece of art. Painting your stairs black will make them come to the forefront and lead the eye upwards. In a similar theme, a black floor throughout one level of your house is a striking way to merge each separate space into one.

  1. Play with texture

You can balance your space out by combining different textures and surfaces. For example, if you have chosen dark furniture, you can experiment with varying fabrics to give depth to the room. Think about the overall feel – glossy black gives off an entirely different atmosphere to matt. Choose patterned dark stone to add richness to the bathroom or kitchen.


A backdrop of bold beauty (Technistone® Pearl Delta)


Gone are the days where we have to stick to rules in our interiors. Small rooms don’t have to be light. Black can be joyful, exciting and beautiful. And, just like that little black dress, it will never go out of style. Why not embrace the bold and inject some dark elements into your interior?

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