Walls like in a castle – paitinating!

Wallpapering and painting can handle with some handy tips almost anyone.  But we  want to introduce something unique and perhaps a little extravagant – patinating. The wall patina will remind you of the elegance of the interiors of the most beautiful chateaux. The patinated walls turn every space to be unrecognizable, they give it the depth and the fresh look of copper.

You patine not only art objects, but also the wall of any interior, which all of sudden gets a touch of vintage style.

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How to patine?

The advantage is that you do not have to scratch the original coat for patination. A simple patina creates a dull appearance, especially great looking around the edges of the walls. The most common form of patina is in slightly yellowish color. The base is to paint the wall with light paint by round brush. Use short and fast wrist movements, perfect to imitate letter X or Z. And then you have two ways to achieve the patinated look:
The first option is to take the sprayer with water and spray with it lightly to gain the worn effect of the wall.The second option is to wait as soon as the paint dries on the wall, and then apply a darker color with fast movements with a cloth or sponge. The key to a good-looking patina is to work in small areas at once to achieve a uniform look.

Patinating is a financially inexpensive and relatively easy task.
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What is dabbing?As mentioned above, there are several variants of the patina walls. For example, if you are looking for original motifs, buy a painting tape to create the desired pattern on the wall – it may be a brick motive or irregularly arranged rectangles. Then start dabbing, that is, paint brush with a color place perpendicular to the wall to create a continuous painting.

Combine incompatible

Classic patina is created by applying a darker color to the lighter, patting yellow to white or dark brown to gray. But you can also choose non-traditional color combinations, like blue to yellow. Extravagantly, the combination of kerosene and light brown or pink-white, the boundaries do not apply to other, entirely new variants. To make sure your chosen duo color looks good, try mixing it for example on a piece of paper or cardboard.

The Patina can also appear inconspicuous at first glance, depending on technique and color choice.
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