We see it in pink: romantic retro bathrooms

How about going away from the crowd with a little pink instead of neutral colors to your bathroom? Come with us back in the 80’s, when pink shades flooded every room in the house. Whether you are partially renovating your bathroom or making it completely new, let yourself be inspired!

In recent years, pink has begun to return to fashion, not only in kitchens, but also in bathrooms..
Source: rilane.com

The fact that the color of the room determines how we feel in it is a familiar thing. The bathroom is considered to be a place of calm and relaxation, and therefore it is a good place to have pleasantly tuned colors, preferably warm shades. Pink is such an ideal choice. It delivers a touch of romance and luxury. Bathrooms are best to be fitted in lilac and old-pink shades. The easiest way is, of course, to paint the walls in pink, but it is a relatively impractical and at the same time ineffective way. More colorful furniture or tiles are more interesting. Today, tiles in different shades and color combinations can be found, depending only on the preferences of the owner. High-performance features such as Technistone® quartz stand out.

Technistone® bathroom tiles are distinguished by their durability, water resistance and wide range of colors, including shades suitable for combination with pink.
Source: www.designatak.cz

Remember, this is a fairly distinctive color. Pink is recommended to combine with snow white or light grey. It has a black-and-white variation. Playful impression can be achieved by adding pastel yellow or apricot orange.

If you do not want the bathroom to look like a doll house, choose the lighter shades of pink. Add them with neutral colors.
Source: www.cldverdun.org


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