Where to put the souvenirs from holiday?

The holiday was great but short. That seems to be what most people say when come back from holiday. But many people bring with them a variety of souvenirs and on the way back they think about where to place them in their home. Handy fingers can do some magic, so it is possible to use a variety of little things, shells, stones, woods or starfish for handmade decorations. You will be reminded of moments spent on a pleasant holiday, and not just by the sea. Sometimes you just have to choose one part of the room or you can create a corner that will remind you of the beautiful days of summer and holidays. Or create an interior that reminds you of your holiday and your dream destination; anything is possible with selection of materials. With quality, with experience you cannot forget. Allow yourself to feel the weekday living in a luxury hotel apartment. The luxury hotel that will be your home.

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The holiday souvenir does not have to be just a boat in the bottle, a boat motif, burned on wood or a piece of embroidered local costume. The most common souvenirs are shells, stones and starfish.

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The most beautiful decorations of your apartment can center around drift wood, but it is advisable to adjust the surface first before we use it as a decoration for the apartment. It can also become an ornament hanging on the wall.

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Some find stones to be more interesting than shells and wood. They can be laid anywhere without a specific storage, but people often build a “pyramid” or “memorials” – they simply place a few stones on each other. Whenever they look at the pyramid, they know well what they need to remember. And maybe sometimes not. Stone itself is a beautiful element in the interior. Whether the little pebble or Quartz of Technistone®.

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The places you’ve visited are no long relegated to the past. You can equip your interior as if you were still on vacation. Surround yourself with the materials you enjoy and which will inspire the holiday atmosphere. Perhaps the very quality of a luxury hotel you’ve recently “admired” on vacation at the seaside.

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Source: Technistone / Calacatta Amnis shade , more information at http://calacatta.technistone.com/