In the beginning there is always an notion that could never be realized without human creativity and diligence. Even though the path from idea to realization can bring both small and sizeable pitfalls, its achievement is the reason not to be afraid of going beyond the familiar. Being open to new things gives you the opportunity to collect interesting ideas and push your limits. In addition, if you surround yourself with creative people who are not hesitant to unleash imagination and are not afraid of initial obstacles, the process itself will become an uplifting experience. Technistone and Gordana Glass have shown that they are turning challenges into opportunities to move forward. The combination of tempered stone and art glass in the original The Spirit of Glass & Beauty in Stone collection is a means for unknown possibilities in interiors that want to emerge from the gray of everyday life, to shine and to reflect the soul of their creator.



Sophistication and beauty of detail are the main attributes of the combination of stone and glass in a perfect harmony of shapes and shades.


 “I needed to realize the vision of a joint work on something that I felt connected to, because only when I feel comfortable in a designed interior can I then convey this idea to someone else. I was so intrigued by the combination of my art works with Technistone® that I decided to dedicate my entire studio of eight hundred square meters to The Spirit of Glass & Beauty in Stone. With a team of professionals, we spent dozens of hours devising, drawing and testing with the sole aim of showing the world a new, bold and novel direction in interior design. I am a person who needs to keep moving forward, and I feel that this collection reflects the future of interiors, ”says artist Gordana about the new collaboration.


This has allowed Technistone® to move beyond conventional designs and show that its use doesn’t simply end with the kitchen worktop. An incredible 120 m2 of this material was used for the entire reconstruction. The Bratislava Gordana Glass studio has thus acquired a new face and has become a place full of inspiring works of glass and quartz stone, a mecca of modern art design.



The reconstruction of Gordana Glass® was literally from the top to the bottom. This is now covered with Noble Concrete Grey matt finish material, as well as the kitchen door and worktop. The backsplash is decorated with a distinctive vein of white Crystal Calacatta Silva. The jewels of the kitchen are the sliced ​​glass planes of gray planibel, painted with platinum and white gold. These glass panes cover appliances and thus turn functional into artistic. The whole atmosphere of the kitchen is complemented by an embedded glass painting, created using a combination of glossy precious metal coatings.


The greatest benefit of quartz stone is its varied color range and authenticity, as well as flexibility in fabricating options and long life. Glass in the interior shines, playing with light, and can visually enlarge the space and give it airiness, elegance and functionality. It has high variability of shape and color. Like stone, glass is a timeless material that does not show signs of aging. Over the years they do not change structure or color and are very practical and pleasant low maintenance materials.

This marks the new collection of The Spirit of Glass & Beauty in Stone. Dynamics of shapes and colors in bold combinations, which together with artist Gordana were created by architect Tatiana Kopková and Kamenárstvo Bartfay.



Solitaire, made from Taurus Terazzo Black, the new Terazzo collection from Technistone®, in combination with Gordana Glass® Amber Gold with unique glass applications painted with platinum, will surprise you not only with its design, but also with a lively play of light and shadow during the day.


All of her designs are created in Gordana’s study. Here the boundaries abstract and concrete cross. It is here that the glass artist, with her unique and original way of creation, puts the deep idea into the fragile material that comes to life under her hands and merges with stone of different shapes and colors.



When precision, human creativity and perfect technical skill are combined, it is a process of rebuilding symphonies that pleases the eye and soul. Thanks to the experts from Bartfay Stonecutters, Technistone® has become a surface of minute precision with very demanding details.



“Interior is a place where vision meets reality, which is conditioned by uncompromising functionality. Whether you work or live in it, you need it to awaken your energy. Natural materials such as stone, glass and wood have this ability. Interior design is inherently underlain by perfection of detail according to the nature of the material and the possibilities of its processing. In this case, it was hardened stone and the extraordinary quality of the sliced ​​glass ” adds the prominent Bratislava architect Tatiana Kopková about the project.