7 sins of the interior and how to avoid them

7 sins of the interior and how to avoid them

Looking for ways  to  cleverly  avoid the most common sins? The first step is the right choice of interior elements thought through to the last detail. This will protect you from mistakes and failures that people unintentionally make. Yes, design is an art as well as science. As in chemistry, you need to know the right formula. If you combine elements according to its principles, you will avoid an explosion.

Let’s take a look at what to look for the most when furnishing your home, and which of the most recurring mistakes are best avoided.

  1. Color show

Distinctive colors are an attractive addition for the interior. They light it up beautifully and make it unique. However, a few basic rules need to be respected. Always combine colors in a similar spectrum, tone and saturation, in a maximum of 4 shades. This is the holy mantra of color combinatorics. Samples of specific variations, which will be beautifully noticed together, can be found here.

There is no need to worry about vibrant colors, they have a spark in them. However, they must not be further combined with other dominant elements. (Technistone®, Crystal Absolute White)

  1. White laboratory

The opposite problem, when the interior seems to lack  luster. It works cold to sterile. It lacks an idea and creates more of an office atmosphere than a real home. The white and white kitchen has been the most sought-after option for many years, and if you chose it, you are definitely not out of tune. All you need to pay more attention to are the right accessories in the form of warm and imaginative pieces that will be a caress to the white interior.

The white and white kitchen does not have to be cold if you make it cozy. Materials such as wood or metal will serve you perfectly for this purpose. (source:  st.lucie.living, Technistone® Noble Carrara; Crystal Absolute White).

  1. Carpet extravaganza

Especially in the Czech Republic, people love carpets. But in order not to make your  home appear like  a Persian market/oriental bazar, you need to combine them carefully and use them only where it makes sense. That is, in places where you want to highlight an important point of the room, such as a dining table or coffee table. This will achieve an optical division of the space and an interesting pattern will brighten up a large bare surface. The advantage of carpets is the induction of a feeling of warmth and pleasant insulation in places where you often walk or sit. Of course, the floor is protected in areas of frequent furniture handling.

  1. Reduced natural lighting

In areas of the world where  winter is longer, care must be taken to ensure  the maximum possible access to natural light and sunlight. If you don’t have large French windows, glass partitions and stained glass doors will allow light to penetrate from room to room. The less filled areas you have in the room, the more spacious and clearer the impression will be.

Ing. Arch. Michal Kristen, Technistone®, Crystal Absolute White

Separating rooms with a glass partition is a smart solution to get light where it would normally be necessary to illuminate. (Source: Ing. Arch. Michal Kristen, Technistone®, Crystal Absolute White).


  1. Modem innovations

The modern style is still radically shrouded in many question marks and everyone imagines something different under it. Its domain is the simplicity of colors and shapes, due to  which it is gaining more and more fans. It is very neutral and applicable to most households. It will not overwhelm you with an inexhaustible number of elements and variants, such as vintage or boho styles. But keep in mind that the interior should reflect your personality. Pure modernity is highly elegant, but you have to complete the spirit of home yourself. If you love flowers, play with the popular elements of an urban jungle. If you are a fan of exotic travel and like to travel, combine modernity with pieces in the so-called ‘’Bali style’’. Modern is simply what you like, not a catalog interior.

Living room with kitchen, kitchen worktop Technistone® Noble Concrete Gray

Thanks to its simplicity, a purely modern interior can withstand light exhilaration with other design styles so that it does not look too dull. However, it is still flattered by the sober simplicity. (Source: Hanák Home Design, Technistone® Noble Concrete Grey).

  1. All over the place

This point is closely linked to the previous one. Combining different styles is a discipline for design connoisseurs and you need to have a sense of what is right for you. Sometimes intuition itself will tell you, but sometimes it is useful to get advice and put the interior “on paper” for a better idea of ​​its final similarity and possibilities. Measure twice, cut once/ Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything  is a well-known saying that will save you a lot of money and disappointment.

The visualization will help to consolidate the idea of ​​the final similar interior, where the placement of furniture, its color and materials play a crucial role. You will immediately see if they get along or not. (Source: FULL HOUSE ARCH, Technistone® Noble Ivory White).

  1. At sixes and sevens

The last point is purely practical, it will be appreciated by cleaning maniacs and organized chaotics, and it will relieve the suffering of all those who have not sorted out their storage. Whether it’s seasonal items that we pull out only a few times a year or those used daily. Don’t underestimate the investment in storage space and sophisticated storage systems, which will save you unnecessary searching and, among other things, make it easier for you to keep order. Especially in the hall, a shelf or rack with storage boxes will become a savior from indirect  returns for forgotten necessities.

The open wardrobe will not visually reduce the small hall but will offer enough space to store everyday necessities that you might miss outside the home. (Technistone®, Noble Concrete Grey).