Our New Showroom in Germany Displays the Best in Contemporary Design   

TechniStone® engineered stone is an excellent material that has a wide variety of uses in interiors. It is durable and easy to maintain, and adds beauty to any living space. Our customers and partners will now have the chance to see it with their own eyes in our new showroom in Germany. 

In Good Company at IDF34  

We always try to be as close as possible to our customers. That is why we opened a new branch in Germany in 2021 and more recently, a new warehouse. Now we’ve built a showroom where we will be able to meet with our customers in surroundings enhanced by the beauty of engineered stone. Located in the IDF 34 exhibition complex in the German city of Löhne, the showroom is not open to the general public. It will mainly serve as a place for presentations and meetings with our business partners and customers. IDF 34 is in the area along the A30 autobahn corridor where the Küchenmeile — the Kitchen Mile — takes place every year. The Mile is Germany’s largest trade fair for kitchen design professionals, where the best in contemporary kitchen design can be found. This year’s fair will take place in September. 

Engineered Stone in the Kitchen, Living Room, and Bath  

With the opening of the new showroom, our TechniStone® products have the opportunity to demonstrate how well they can complement a modern interior. In 90 square metres, you will find a living room, staircase, kitchen, and bath in minimalist but still very contemporary styles.  

The centrepiece of the kitchen area is an island with a countertop in the Pearl Lava decor. Next to that, the warm, pleasant combination of dark kitchen cabinets with a light Noble Villa countertop creates a striking ensemble.  

One landmark of the showroom is a fireplace wall clad in Crystal Calacatta Silva, which really brightens up the entire space. We want to show our visitors some less common uses for TechniStone® — staircases, coffee tables, and wall coverings. The stone applied to the walls lets the beauty of each individual decor stand out — the combination of Decore Ocra with lush green houseplants is especially fresh.  

In the bathroom, TechniStone® in matt Noble Concrete Grey lines the wall behind the bathtub and brings harmony to the space. At the same time, the darkly dramatic Metropole Nero decor in the shower cubicle provides a counterpoint to the bath area.  

Work from the Craftsman’s Hand  

The new showroom is the result of intensive cooperation with many professionals. Dana Horáková, Technistone’s marketing manager, is behind the overall concept and was responsible for the development of her vision into concrete form.    

We invited the Czech firm Ambience Expo, with which we have enjoyed many years of good experience at various trade fairs, to organise the work at IDF34. They stand behind the overall construction that provides the backdrop for our stonework. Part of their job was the elegant lighting design. Of course, we could not have succeeded without the help of experienced stonemasons. Most of the application work was done by the German stone fabricators DBW Naturstein and Jauer Natursteine. The staircase and floors were installed by the Czech stone studio Bruno Paul. Stylish chairs, carpets, and comfortable benches were added to complete the scene. Installation proceeded through March and April and everyone involved contributed highly professional work. Thanks to that, we are pleased with the beautiful result, which has transformed a formerly empty space into a design sensation.

The Grand Opening and New Business Partnerships 

We presented our new showroom to the public on 2 June 2022. The welcoming speech was given by the sales director for Technistone Germany, Carsten Schulz. There followed a short video, which gave the attendees further information about the Technistone company and its TechniStone® products.  

Our guests were welcomed into the exhibition area by two bodypaint models, who quite literally embodied our idea of Stone with Soul. This was a novel way of displaying two of our favourite TechniStone® designs, Crystal Calacatta Silva and Poetic Black. The elements of the showroom itself were unveiled by our sales directors, Carsten Schultz for Germany and Jiří Tupý for the Czech Republic. 

Along with an exciting presentation of some beautiful interior inspirations, our guests were awaited by hospitality in the form of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and light refreshments served on trays made with TechniStone® engineered stone. Each visitor took home a stainless-steel cup resting on a stone saucer as a gift. 

The entire presentation took place in a very friendly atmosphere and everyone had a wonderful time, even if the central topic of conversation was business. The nice weather contributed to the good mood, and much time was spent outside on the terrace. We are sure that the opening of our new showroom is helping us to build new business friendships and lead our products into the hearts and homes of German consumers.  

In our new showroom, visitors can become familiar with TechniStone® engineered stone in its many available decors.  

Two bodypaint models representing the TechniStone® decors of Crystal Calacatta Silva and Poetic Black embodied the idea of Stone with Soul for our guests.  

Business discussions took place in a friendly atmosphere, which is exactly the reason for our new showroom in Germany. It combines the beautiful, the congenial, and the practical. 

Carsten Schulz, our sales director for Technistone Germany, provided words of welcome.  

Our guests were pleasantly surprised by delicious refreshments served on stone trays made with TechniStone®.