Inspiration from Iceland: MINIMALIST KITCHEN

The minimalist, elegant kitchen area is the dream of all those who are looking for a functional and modern style, coupled with a simple and timeless design. Icelandic living is still little known to us Europeans. It mixes a cocktail of antique, virtually simple or futuristic elements. It often combines two materials: wood and stone. Although it may look random and somewhat chaotic, the Icelandic minimalist style of living is all conditioned by one basic rule – everything must be comfortable, practical and, above all, cozy. And surprisingly, you just have to play a bit with the shades of colors and choose the right and quality material.



Icelandic minimalist kitchen can be created just as in a modern city apartment or family house. You may be inclined to austere lines, or you may be complemented by some antique object to underline the feeling of intimacy and tradition maintained in your home. The seemingly cold combination of white – black is in fact very important and can only be created by bringing in your personality and adding small details or by adding natural details, such as wood. A quality wooden kitchen needs a quality kitchen countertop. Quartz is very popular in Iceland. Quartz is an excellent material, massive, strong and durable, so it lasts a long time and in good condition. The only company in the Czech Republic to produce quartz materials is Technistone ( ) Technistone®’s Serenity shades are currently among the world’s top designs. Poetic Black, Mystery White, Fantasy Gray or favorite Calacatta Silva and Amnis. Black, gray or white. Classics. Timelessness. Sustainability. Try to plan the interior with them in a special visualizer:

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Crystal Calacatta Silva:!ArlUSVqDSm0Lgr1lKTW4A7SOkePrrg


Another key rule for minimalist kitchen is to choose a color palette in one main shade. Other color variations are derived from shading within the main color. For example, if you choose black, the colors may be dark gray to white. Conversely, if you choose white or gray.

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Noble Carrara:!ArlUSVqDSm0Lgr1zYpbtyBkHQWTLyQ


Keep all disturbing elements in the kitchen to the absolute minimum, from kitchen equipment to cabinet handles. For a perfect kitchen in a minimalist style, carefully consider the height of the cabinets. This means choosing custom made cabinets that can reach the ceiling. You need a lot of storage space to hide everything you need for cooking, but at the same time find it before cooking. Good organization of kitchen storage space is therefore really important.

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Noble Supreme White:!ArlUSVqDSm0Lgr16kuAp-WhFPpVMww


Perfect connectivity

Minimalist kitchens are trendy in Iceland because they are great to connect with the living area. That is why designers in Iceland are dedicated to connecting the whole apartment or house perfectly with one material. So, the choice of kitchen countertops is often reflected not only in the kitchen. The same shade from the same material can be found from the kitchen to the bathroom. Routing to one main material, which dominates the entire living area of the family, is common and necessary in Iceland because of the complete interior. Home is not created there in a room, but in a complex way. It is no exception that if an Icelander chooses Technistone® material on a kitchen countertop, he or she chooses the same material on the kitchen table, or overlays for the vanity top, surface in the living room or key table in the hallway.

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Noble Concrete Grey:!ArlUSVqDSm0LgqVdUs8-itYidtYcMg

Gobi Black in matt finish:!ArlUSVqDSm0LgqViWY38pRHMKL9RaQ


Local interior ideas

Social networks are a great help in finding ideas right from the source, locally. The most popular site dealing with Icelandic interior design is Skreytum hús. People send photos of how they live, reconstruct, build, or add-on. The stonework of Granítsmiðjan or the architect Guðbjörg Magnúsdóttir can be a great inspiration to you.