Architect and Interior Designer Tereza Janků on Creativity, Inspiration, and Dreams

(Interview: Architect and Interior Designer Tereza Janků on Creativity, Inspiration, and Dreams)

Tereza Janků graduated from the Faculty of Architecture of the Czech Technical Institute in Prague and has worked in several Czech architectural studios. She says that she began to gain experience in her field in 2003, even before she finished her studies, when she first got involved in the reconstruction of an apartment. Tereza is a recognised design professional as a member of the Czech Chamber of Architects and is certified by the Chamber in the fields of architecture and urban design. Her design for a residence won first place in voting by readers on the internet in the contest for House of the Year in 2014. 

The Beginning 

Tereza became interested in interior design while she was still working for the architectural studios, which were not particularly focused on interior design as such. She started by helping friends and acquaintances, who approached her when they needed help with redecorating their apartments or renovating them. It wasn’t until 2016 that she decided to pursue the field full time. ‘I’m self-taught as an interior designer, and I’ve always found the interior of a building to be just as important as the exterior’, says the smiling brunette, who emphasises quality materials and timeless designs in her work. She doesn’t like to be too influenced by current trends, which she often considers to be passing fads.

Intuition, Inspiration, and Creativity

In her work, Tereza relies on her own intuition, which she has developed with experience. However, she also takes inspiration from other architects and designers. For example, she is always looking for interesting details or combinations of materials, which she then further develops. She believes that ‘you gain more confidence in yourself and your own path with practice and experience’. Creativity is an essential part of her work. She gets her creative energy and sometimes inspiration from walking her dog, yoga, or running. She says that she often comes up with interesting ideas when she is out in the open air.

Favourite Materials and Colour Combinations

Tereza likes a lot of different materials, but she of course insists on those with low maintenance, high quality, and a timeless look. ‘I admire natural stone, and a visit to a stoneworks is like a visit to an art gallery for me. I also really like wood, metal, and glass’. How does she choose her combinations of materials? ‘Interior design is not just about beautiful materials alone, but also about their harmony, balance, and proportions. The art is in that’, says the designer. ‘I try as far as possible to avoid using imitations in my designs. I always prefer real, natural materials’, she adds. 

Stone in Interiors 

Tereza has a very positive attitude toward the use of stone and engineered stone in interior spaces. She herself has had a granite countertop in her kitchen for over ten years, and couldn’t do without it. Unfortunately, she can’t use stone as often as she would like in her interior designs. She uses it most often for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, shower enclosures, and fireplaces. She considers engineered stone from Technistone to be a quality alternative to natural stone and uses it quite often in her projects. She used to prefer solid colours, but that’s changing. ‘In the past, I mostly used solid designs, like Gobi Grey or Crystal Absolute White, but now I also like designs from the Ambiente Collection and the Taurus Terazzo designs with a matte finish. I also love some marble-like designs like Poetic Black and Mystery White, and look forward to using them in some of our projects’.  

Getting to Know TechniStone® 

The young architect became familiar with TechniStone® when she was involved in a recent renovation of a three-bedroom apartment located on the top floor of a new building. She designed the living room and kitchen, the entry hall, and the bathroom in a Japandi style. The star of the project was the Ambiente Light design, which has a pleasant matte finish and a neutral look that goes well with almost any decor. Japandi is one of Tereza’s favourite styles. ‘I have to say, I really love that style. It makes a very calm and clean impression on me.’ You can get more inspiration from our article ‘Trends in Living — Why Not Try Japandi Style?’.

The Importance of Understanding 

For Tereza, it is very important for Tereza to understand not only the project but also her clients. Therefore, her first step is always getting to know both the project and her clients well, so that she can properly understand the client’s expectations, consider all the possibilities and the potential of the interior, and assess the best approach to the job. She listens carefully to her clients. ‘I’ve found it useful to deeply involve my clients in the project right from the start. For example, I have them send me some of their own ideas at the outset in order to understand the materials, style, and atmosphere with which they are most comfortable.’