“I don’t create interiors, I write stories,” says designer Iva Hájková

"I don't create interiors, I write stories," says designer Iva Hájková

‘’ Design is only for the audacious! ’’ This emphatic statement carries the professional signature of residential designer Iva Hájková. Its bold realizations are completely beyond the catalog mainstream. They have a philosophy , depth and tell a unique story. This is not a superficial layout of interior applications, but a well-thought-out and holistic concept composed of many interlocking details. Where does Iva get the inspiration and courage in Czech interior design to create such works and how do her customers react to them?

The apartment in Žižkov was awarded the Interior of the Year 2019 award in the Journalists’ Award category. (Photo: Iva Hájková Studio).

The exotic apartment in Žižkov creates an unusual impression. As if it wasn’t even in Prague, but somewhere in the heart of Asia. “In the  long run, I’m not looking for a ‘suitable’ style in my work, but rather a suitable story. For me, interior design is primarily a way of empathy for the needs of clients. I am looking for the right atmosphere, mood and feeling which I expect the interior should carry with it ‘’ explains Iva.

“From this personal attachment , as an interior designer, you will quickly find out which elements must be, can be considered, and which, on the contrary, will definitely have to be omitted, ”she concludes.


Every project and every collaboration is about people

For an interior designer, one project takes at least half a year. It is therefore necessary for both parties to be mutually compatible in their cooperation, so that they can hear and understand the possible concepts and alternatives of the interior, and in the end find a common path.

The delicate interplay of shapes, colors and materials will enhance the composition of the interior (Photo: Iva Hájková Studio, kitchen worktop Technistone® Elegance Eco Nev)

A residential interior is about the individuality of the client

The main and at the same time the most difficult task is to find the individuality and atmosphere of each project and the people who will inhabit the proposed space. This will result in a unique idea and design of the space.

“I draw ideas and inspiration from all around me wherever I go. The views of people I talk to influence my concepts. Afterwards, in my free time I like to dig into Pinterest and create my own warehouse of ideas, ”  says Iva revealing her source.

The story of the interior reveals the personality and values of its owner. (Photo: Iva Hájková Studio)

A fine-tuned atmosphere to the last detail

It is necessary to play with details and that this is exactly what Iva enjoys, it can be seen at first sight. She simulates and combines them in shapes, colors and materials. However, it is necessary to take into account the space, location and house with which the designer works. The interior cannot be headlessly detached  from its environment, rather on the contrary, it should be connected to it.

“Often people don’t perceive the context and try to fill the space through the lens of ‘’pink glasses’’ according to the inspirations we like or have seen somewhere. My clients usually quickly understand that there is a deeper connection with the environment and their character, ” adds Iva.

Elements of the ” lake surface” are one of the many unique ideas of the designer Iva Hájková (Photo: Iva Hájková Studio)

‘’A good interior designer will help the client to get to know himself and find the most suitable tailor-made solution, because the space is never the same as in an inspiring magazine. The designer will be a map in the world of interior design and a guide on how to get to the right destination.  You should avoid thinking  that you  best know  what you want,” concludes Iva.

Iva Hajkova Studio

The Iva Hajkova Studio specializes in the design and implementation of interiors, mostly residential. It is actively involved  in the design and modifications of complete apartments and the interiors of houses. They not only design the concept, but tighten it to the last screw.

Iva Hájková is an interior designer . She graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Czech Technical University in Prague, then completed her follow-up studies in interior design. In her professional practice, she realized dozens of interiors, some of which won the Interior of the Year award. Iva has been dealing with interiors since 2013.