Countertop Noble Troya TechniStone® in the kitchen

Color dreams in the kitchen

Color dreams in the kitchen

Colors play a much more important role in our lives than they might seem at first glance. They are not only a wide spectrum of different shades, but also reflect our individualism. By choosing them, we communicate to the world what we are like, our values ​​and attitudes. The color composition of the interior, kitchen is a masterpiece of the artist drawing inspiration from the very core of our soul. It empathetically pronounces our needs, moods and tells our life story through color tuning.

The effect of colors on our emotions and experiences is evidenced by their division into neutral, encouraging and soothing. The choice of shades and the degree of saturation should be in accordance with the level of our activities in a particular environment.

Countertop Noble Troya Technistone® in the kitchen

Don’t be afraid of more colors in the kitchen and your life will be more diverse. (Noble Troya, Technistone®, Alicante)

Kitchen “heart of home”

The kitchen is rightly called the heart of the home, and that is why we should devote proper time and care to it. It is a space, full of positive energy, stories and contemporary food, becoming the focal point of everyday life.

In this paradise of flavors and aromas, the whole family gathers to share experiences over a cup of coffee or with a good meal and enjoy the moments spent together. It is a place of vibrant life and energy that can withstand the use of more fiery colors, such as red, yellow or orange.

The color tuning of the kitchen space should primarily reflect our nature, temperament and attitudes to life. The best indicator of trends is our own individuality.

The amount of light and size are other aspects that should be considered when choosing suitable colors. Smaller kitchens prefer lighter shades, ideally supported by natural daylight, which optically enlarges the area. The richer elements in the form of appliances or other home accessories will fine-tune the space beautifully. On the contrary, larger areas can unleash your imagination and enter the seas of more intense tones.

Smaller kitchen with countertop Noble Supreme White from Technistone

Smaller rooms brighten up, for example, lighter shades, spotlights or a kitchen countertop with a glossy surface that diffuses light much better. (Noble Supreme White, Technistone®)

large hood and white work kitchen countertop

Invite nature into your kitchens. Wood or stone decors will not spoil any space, on the contrary, they will enhance it. (Crystal Absolute White, Technistone®)

Bon appetit with red

Colors are powerful witches. They improve appetite, energize the body, uplift the psyche and even convince our minds of a higher room temperature than it actually is. Many family dinners turn into talk shows between parents and children ending with”Mom, I’m not sure anymore.” Children’s relationship to food can be changed by using red elements, which, like a magic potion, can stimulate appetite. Things will simply taste better with red.

white brown kitchen with worktop

Love goes through your stomach and with a red kitchen you will experience much better taste. (Noble Concrete Gray, Technistone®, Raca Architekci)

Invisible color energy

Each color carries a vibration of a certain frequency. It is invisible, yet we perceive it. The resonance of magical light energy affects us, enriches us, activates our moods and emotions, stimulates creativity, promotes appetite and has healing effects. The power of colors accompanies us, surrounds us and complements our living space, without fully realizing its importance.

Tune the kitchen emotionally. colors affect everyone differently and you need to perceive your own settings and taste. Close your eyes and  be creative. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, play radically. You will build a unique space with the imprint of your personality.   Your masterpiece!