Pearl Collection

An eruption of classical beauty

Natural elements have always been an inspiration to man. Lava rushing to the surface, hot and unyielding, fascinates and terrifies. Its various shapes have become a model for the new Pearl collection. The trio of Technistone® decors found inspiration in the unbridled power of the volcano.

Awaken the sensuality of your interior


The colors of the Pearl collection are an embodiment of power and energy flowing from the interior of the earth. They awaken the beauty of unyielding nature and leave a legacy of its power. This is the perfect motif for products whose structures intentionally resemble the processes of this magnificent natural scenery – Pearl Lava, Pearl Delta, Pearl Rocca. The energy of the volcano will turn your interior into an explosion of beauty and a breathtaking design experience.       


Pearl Collection - Pearl Lava, Pearl Delta, Peral Rocca

Dark colors are able to awaken the desired otherness in space. They separate space and clearly identify its epicenter. That is why dark shades are becoming more and more popular in interior design. The sensuality of black and irregularly flowing white veins carry a desire to be different.


Energy in the colors of the night


“I personally love dark interiors because they are not for everyone. I am a big supporter of dark colors in general, not only in the kitchen, but also in the form of solitaires and accessories. Most people are afraid of a shrinking space, but rather it is essential to focus on properly illuminating it. This is the alpha and omega of dark interiors. Dark colors create varied very pleasant even intimate environments. In addition, engineered stone eliminates the high maintenance required by most dark materials. The resulting effect is simply stunning,  ”says interior designer Zuzana Fašungová on  the use of dark decors.

Lasting beauty without compromise

The current fast pace of life demands a precisely designed, functional and healthy environment that surrounds us daily, whether in private or professional life. Technistone® engineered stone belongs to the technologically advanced materials, whose durable properties meet the demands of the modern man. In the form of bathroom or kitchen countertops, tiles, window sills, counters or solitaires, it fits tastefully into interiors that place high demands on design, aesthetics and longevity.