Baster Kuchnie: Engineered Stone Takes People Back to Nature

Baster Kuchnie in Legnica, Poland is a Polish family firm that specializes in kitchen appliances and furnishings. It offers a wide range of quality products that satisfy the needs of professional cooks as well as those of people who simply love to cook at home.

For more than twenty years, the company and its employees have provided their customers with distinctive, timeless designs and innovative ideas for kitchens of all shapes and sizes. They can give advice to anyone at any phase of creating the kitchen of their dreams, from initial planning to final installation. They are exclusive representatives for Atlas Kuchnie and Nolte Küchen, and you will find those brands on display in their studio. Baster Kuchnie are known for their modern designs and innovative technology, which combine both elegance and practicality.

Brothers Who Work Together

Brothers Michal and Rafal Banach are the owners of Baster Kuchnie. They pride themselves on their individualized approach, professionalism, and of course, providing excellent service with their years of experience. “I’ve been running the company with my brother Rafal for the past ten years, but we’ve been in the business of selling kitchens for more than twenty-five years. We’ve benefited from our parents’ experience in the family business before they retired a few years ago.”

New Projects, New Opportunities

Every client has different needs, expectations, and preferences, so it’s important to pay close attention to their specific requirements and spare no effort to satisfy them. “We approach every client as an individual, something that we’ve learned from our long years of experience and our passion for our work. Every project brings something new along with it.

Above All, Natural Materials

What are the latest trends in kitchens? “Our clients’ needs are constantly developing and always changing. But there is always a preference for natural materials like stone, natural wood, and glass. Our main supplier, Nolte Küchen, keeps us informed of current trends so we can offer our clients the best of the best.

Natural materials are not only in high demand, they’re also a pleasure to work with. “We like working with natural materials because they offer great aesthetic and functional qualities, but above all because they are very durable.”

Engineered Stone at the Heart of the Home

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in every home. Customers are aware of this too, which is why they appreciate quality materials and furnishings. That’s why the demand for engineered stone is so high. “When we get feedback from clients, they often say that our choice of quality materials such as TechniStone® was perfect. They wouldn’t change a thing, because they have been using their kitchen countertop for years without any problems. In addition, they appreciate how easy engineered stone is to maintain and the many ways it can be matched with other materials in a kitchen design project.”

And what shades of engineered stone do people purchase most often? “When it comes to our clients’ most popular decors, Calacatta Silva is still one of their favorites. We’re also seeing a lot of interest in the Noble Collection, especially the grey designs. Of course, white decors are always popular.”

Their Most Challenging Project

The individualized approach on which the company has based its business is essential because Baster Kuchnie’s customers are not only individuals but also real estate developers. Development projects are particularly challenging because of their scale. “Two of our most challenging projects to date have both been for one developer, Realco. The largest of these was a project called ‘Mlyna Maria’ in 2021 in Wrocław, where we installed a total of 119 complete kitchens from Nolte Küchen that included engineered stone countertops and all the appliances. The second project was in 2020 in Warsaw, where we installed 39 Nolte kitchens, also with TechniStone® engineered stone countertops — specifically, in Crystal Polar White and Gobi Grey. That was an excellent test of our little family business, which we passed with flying colors. We’re very proud of it!”

Crystal Calacatta Silva