Belgian odyssey of design and architecture

When it comes to Brussels, everyone imagines something different. But many first envision the European Parliament. But that’s not all. For example, the new Brussels building, EUROPE, which will host ministerial meetings and summits of presidents and prime ministers starting next year, is excellent. A glass house, whose special interior, several-story “vase”, “egg” or officially “shining lantern” has been incorporated into the new EU Council Logo. In Brussels, however, you can also visit the great museum of modern design.


Overall, the city has a bustling impression, which will surely welcome the lovers of large cities, but there are also places where the pace grinds to a halt. These are undoubtedly architectural gems in the form of the uncountable cathedrals in Brussels. The most famous is the Cathedral of St. Michaela and Gudula. It was built in the Gothic style and is not completed, but you do not recognize that. You don’t pay entrance fee to the cathedral, and you can easily see the majestic interior. If you are interested in going to the crypt, you can get there for a small fee. Of course, the Sacré-Coeur Basilica is worth mentioning. It is not located directly in the city center, but you should go see it. It can be seen from a great distance, it is no wonder, it is the largest building that has been built in Art Deco style. It is the sixth largest church in the world.

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Brussels design

If you enjoy fresh Belgian design, visit the design museum. You will be thrilled by young artists who come up with new visuals and designs that will transform your day into fantasy and colors.



Crystal Belgium at your home

If you enjoy both Belgium and Brussels, be inspired by TechniStone’s, Crystal Belgium. You can use it playfully on kitchen counter top, bathroom tiles or tables. Check out the video and treat yourself with some real Belgian pralines:


A peeing little boy has become a model

The most famous thing about architecture in Brussels is undoubtedly the Grand Place town square and the little peeing boy. But it is not nearly as big as you might think. It will also surprise you that the statue of a boy is wearing a different garment each month. You can see this in a museum that focuses on this attraction. If you find yourself in Grand Place, you will feel the true power of Belgian architecture. While some elements may seem intermingled with Dutch architecture, Belgian beauty lies in the details. There are many historic buildings in this square, but the town hall is definitely dominant.

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