Blogger Aneta Bruestle: ‘I’ve Got to Have TechniStone®!’

Aneta Bruestle (Aneta Leben) is a German blogger and influencer, who loves design, architecture, and beautiful things in general. In her blog, she focuses mainly on interior and exterior design and stylish accessories, but also on lifestyle, cooking, and healthy living. Aneta drew inspiration for the renovation of her kitchen from her surroundings and from nature, but she also frequently looks for modern concepts in various magazines and on the internet. She says that she is most influenced by the Scandinavian style and prefers a natural decor. 

Aneta first saw TechniStone® in a photo of another kitchen and was convinced that she had to have it in hers. She bought a TechniStone® countertop in Noble Supreme White for her new kitchen and has fallen in love with our engineered stone. We asked her how the installation went and a few other interesting questions. Her answers will provide inspiration for any lover of distinctive style and timeless design. 

A Snow-white Countertop with a Fine Texture 

First off, of course, we wondered why Aneta chose a snow-white TechniStone® countertop from the Noble collection. ‘I’ve always been a fan of clean, white kitchens. I like them. I was immediately drawn to the soft texture of the countertop’s material’, says Aneta. After the renovation, her favourite room in the house is now the kitchen, although she admits that her preference often changes following minor redesigns in other rooms. 

Aneta planned and designed her kitchen herself according to her needs and desires. She adapted it so that it would be comfortable to cook in and practical for everyday use. DBW Naturstein took the measurements, did the installation, and assembled everything according to Aneta’s design. She was extremely satisfied with the whole process. ‘First the technician used a laser to measure the room and discussed every detail with me. That was terribly helpful and important, and immediately earned my trust. Within a couple of weeks, everything was delivered and professionally fitted. Installation was incredibly quick, and everything fell into place beautifully thanks to DBW’s amazing preparation. It was perfect.’


A Stylish Coffee Table as a Bonus

Design-lover Aneta didn’t waste a moment and immediately came up with a great idea for the rest of the kitchen furniture. She already had a wooden table and was just waiting for the right opportunity to design another table made of stone. ‘I made a very similar table last year out of wood, but for a few months now, I’ve been wanting to make the same one in stone’, says the influencer. ‘I didn’t have the right materials and didn’t really know if it was even possible to make a table like that. After the kitchen was finished, I spoke to one of the workers and described my idea for the table. We designed it together and then constructed it. And so it came to be.’  


As for what she would tell our readers who are thinking about buying a countertop from us, she has a simple answer: ‘I will only say that this was best decision I could have made (to use Technistone® material). It’s easy to maintain and clean, and it looks great. I love to come into the kitchen every morning and make coffee. I can’t even imagine wanting another countertop. 


(The kitchen immediately after installation by the professionals from DBW Betonsteinwerk. Aneta was extremely satisfied with it, and everything went together perfectly!)

(Aneta’s kitchen is not only beautiful, but easy to maintain.)